A Woman of Contradiction...2

Yes my friend,
remember me?
Remember the woman I told you about?
The woman who conveys you secrets and mysteries
Who dares to confess to you, my master, of her ill choices
Now she wants to confess about her love and its sublimity…

You may ask what kind of love she may fall into
I would answer by saying that
It is a kind where two individuals are whole
The spark of their interaction creates two lines that follow in the same curve
endlessly… side by side…
Their lines are parallel, however, they may never cross path
Their physical distance is great between them….

Yes my friend,
It is a divine kind of love that expresses itself
More from the heart and the head
Than it does from the body
Purely, not earthly
Enduring the complexities of paradox…. contradictions
For their lines never cross or meet
Standing side by side curving infinitely in the same direction
Mirroring each other…without confronting
Taking only what they see reflected in the other … and
Seeing the beauty in the other…

Yes my friend
When she thinks of him, she sees him as a delicious person
in every sense of the word
He is everything desired in her soul
He has seduced her heart and made love to her mind
Engaging in intellectual intercourse with him every time…

She feels that she was destined to be with
With the only soul on this earth she was born to love
She doesn’t need a past with him…Or a future
For all that has already been written in the stars
Just a simple though of him brings the biggest smile to her lips
And put a twinkle in her eyes…

Yes my friend
He is everywhere
He has consumed her
Consumed her thoughts…her heart…and her very soul
A song, a movie, a poem will remind her of him for the rest of her life
He is the first thought upon waking on a brand new day
He is her last thought before falling into wonderful dreams
She constantly thanks the Al-Mighty for creating him
And that he exists even
in her dreams…[SIZE=29] to my love...

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