You are di- Jay or only this to you, it pleases itself, if you khotete to create class miksy, then this tool - for you! Mix MP3s, WMAs, WAVs, make a record of your own miksa, the collection of mixture appears it disappears straight on the graphic interface! Export in MP3, WMA, RealAudio - and files WAV.
Change loudness, speed, passages into the left and right channel. It is unfortunately possibly the export of composition only in the real time and only in wav.

- to cut out and to put muzyku(.MPes, WMAs, WAVs) is rapid and it is easy!
- connection, fyylov is made simultaneously (WAV and WMA * MP3) files, or as you want.
- To vozmozhnot' the regulation of speed and sound of each files.
- the convenient and rapid and intuitive interface
- import (..MEU and..PLS),
- export are mixed up as RealAudio G2, MP3 or file WMA by one flick
- the possibility of rapid arrangement, in the Internet.


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