Bir fotoğrafla başlayın ve bir usta gibi resim yapın. En sevdiğiniz aile fotoğraflarınızı artistik tablolara dönüştürebileceğinizi biliyor musunuz? Hiç sanat deneyiminiz yok mu? Hiç önemli değil. Professor Franklin’s Instant Photo Artist programıyla bunu yapabilirsiniz. Herkes bir fotoğraf ile başlayıp birkaç dakika içinde inanılmaz güzellikte tablolar oluşturabilir. Bunu kesinlikle garanti ediyoruz. 2 versiyonu ile aynı zamanda yüksek çözünürlükte çıktı alabilirsiniz.

Create oils, watercolors & more. Here's a few samples.

NEW VERSION 2! Start with a photo ... and paint it like a master with Professor Franklin's Instant Photo Artist

-- NEW VERSION 2.0 NOW AVAILABLE! Now anyone can paint like a a master with this highly acclaimed paint software! Create your own exciting work of art from any ordinary photograph in minutes – absolutely no experience required! Use your art to enhance cards, calendars, websites and more. New v2.0 supports high resolution images and printing! Winner Editor's Choice, PC Photo, "Addictive", TIME Digital.

-- NEW VERSION 2.0! Did you know that you could turn your favorite family photos into artistic masterpieces? No artistic experience? It doesn't matter. You can do it with Professor Franklin’s Instant Photo Artist. Anyone can start with a photo and create an incredible work of art in minutes. We absolutely guarantee it. And now with version 2 you can even print your art in high resolution.

Instant Photo Artist lets anyone paint like a master ... absolutely no experience is needed. Wondering what can you do with your completed art? Think of the amazing holiday cards you can send out*. How about creating invitations that will captivate your guests? Add elegant, artistic images to your website that are guaranteed to make your competitors green with envy. Create stylish art for use in cards, calendars or maybe to frame and decorate your wall. And remember, you don’t need any artistic experience at all.

Create a work of art in 3 easy steps:

1. Select your photo.
2. Select and customize your preferred painting style.
3. Start painting over an outline of your photo.

You paint by moving your mouse over the outline of your photo. Select large brushes to paint abstractly and smaller brushes for finer detail. Your painting begins to appear before your very eyes and in minutes you've become one of the masters!

New version 2.0 just released! Version 2.0 now supports high resolution graphics and printing. Create dazzling, high resolution artwork that you'll be poud to hang on your wall or give as gifts!

Professor Franklin's Instant Photo Artist is the one paint software that enables ANYONE to paint like a master! Ten years in art school or ten minutes with the Professor? They'll never know the difference.

Real Painting Tools!

Choose a style from our Style Book or select from a variety of real painting tools and paint the photo in your own style. Painting tools include paint brushes, crayons, pencils, airbrushes and markers. Either way, remember that your result is guaranteed - absolutely no art experience is required!

Select any style of art from Impressionist to Crayon.

-- Add your own touch to your art by trying some of the following:
-- vary the direction of the brushstrokes
-- try larger brushes for abstract art and change to a smaller brush to paint with more detail

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