Dear Charles,

Hello! I am sorry because I didn’t have any free time to write you, and Happy New Year!! I hope that the new year becomes very well for you.

How are you ? I’m very vell. Anyway, in Cyprus, we are in winter now and almost it’s rainning everyday here. It’s not too cold, but it’s too windy. Which season do you live in Australia? I think that this type of mailing is not good. If you have a computer and you are connected to internet and you have ICQ, send me your nickname and ıcq number so I can find you and talk as quickly as possible. Have you got a computer?

I am passed to second term in my school, this is a great chance for me because this makes a big easiness to learn english well. I think I have already learn it. Anyway tell me your life, what do you do now? I can’t find anything to write you. I hope you will write back to me. I’d love to hear from you...

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.-kral-. Tarih: 08.04.2010 14:17
Arkadaşım ilk önce bi emeğe saygı göster.
gecer0138 Tarih: 03.04.2010 11:32
adam akıllı mektup yaz bileader işimize yRyCk bi bilgi bulamadık