Topic: A student from your college has just won first prize in a national competition for young writers. Write a review for the college newspaper giving a brief summary of the book and saying why you think other students might enjoy it and learn from it.


Eugenie Grandet by Ugur College’s own third-year student, Burcu Palabıyıklı, is a novel which has just won first prize in a national competition for young writers. This thought-provoking book is called Eugenie Grandet which is set in a poor inner city of a France called Saumur. The book tells us the tragedy of a French family that consist of three people, Eugenie Grandet, Mr and Mrs Grandet. The other charachters of the book are Nanon, Cruchot Family and Grassins Family. Also, the events of the book take placed during the French revolution.

The story begins with Eugenie’s celebrating her twenty-third birthday with friends of Grandet Family. Mr Grandet is the richest and the meanest person in the country who loves his daugter very much, hovewer he loves his golds more than his daughter. The story reaches a dramatic climax at Charles’ coming to Eugenie’s house to stay for a short time because its the turning point of the book. Eugenie fell in love with Charles. Charles also fell in love with her hovewer, he had to go. When he was going, he promises to come back.

The tale of the film is gripping because character. analysis from the writer makes the book spectacular. Furthermore, great descriptions of the simple country life in the book, attracts the attention of the reader. Not only the plot is heart-warming, but also it is caring and warm because Eugenie’s love was one sided. She only wanted to love and be loved but this wish did not happen due to the reason that money is stronger than love at the end of the book.

Although the book is brilliantly written, the ending is unhappy because the reader waits with obstinate patience during the book, but at the end of the book, makes the reader sad. Furthermore, Writer wrote the relationship between Mrs Grandet and Eugenie sensitively. These epidoses affect the reader emotionally. The cast of the film is strong because Balzac describe the characteristics perfectly.

In conclusion, Eugenie Grandet is worth-reading since it reflects the love with big realistic exposition hovewer, it needed to be a little more interesting. You might enjoy when you are reading it because long descriptions and details of the events makes the book more readeable. I recommend this book because it is educational for understanding French literature and realism. In my view, you should read this book because, it is written professionally by our young writer, however you should prepare yourself to read an unhappy ending.

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