[FONT="Fixedsys"]The Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English helps advanced learners understand and communicate effectively.
Your students will always find the word they are looking for among the 207,000 words, phrases and meanings in the dictionary. They will understand the clear definitions and learn how English words should be used by studying the 155,000 example sentences based on the Longman corpus

Clear Definitions

Your students will always understand the definitions, no matter how difficult or technical the word they are looking up. All definitions are written using the Longman Defining Vocabulary of just 2000 common words.

Real Examples

Your students will learn real, natural English. All the 155,000 examples are based on the Longman Corpus Network, and provide students with useful model sentences for their own writing.

Frequency Information

The 3000 most frequent words in both spoken and written English are highlighted – only Longman dictionaries do this.

Longman Writing Assistant

Your students need never get it wrong again! The Longman Writing Assistant is a handy pop-up tool students can use while writing to find information on word choice, grammar, collocations and how to avoid common errors

Teacher Support

# Create instant dictionary lessons from ready-made lesson plans on the CD-ROM
# Download extra resources and activities from the Companion Website at [url]www.ldoce.com[/url]
# Improve your students’ exam skills by teaching them how to work with the self-study sections on the CD-ROM


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