texti bu hale getirmek inanın çok zamanımı aldı

arkadaşlar kaynak ingilizce ama ingilizcesi düşül düzeyde olan insanlarda nu texte den anlar..

dipnot: free to play ( beleş oyun..para [vermeden oynayabilirsiniz..)
pay to play ( paralı oyun oynamak için belli miktarda para ödemeniz gerekir..)[

texti bu siteye adapte etmem 1.5-2 saatimi almıştı.

dipnot 3: Yavaş yavaş Türkçeleştirmeye başlıyorum...

http://gunbound.softnyx.net Free pay for extras. Gunbound worms gibi bir strateji oyunudur.

http://rakion.softnyx.net Oynamak için para gerekmez.

www.wildcannon.com Free To Play
wild cannon gundbound un yeni yapımıdır.Hoş bir oyun fakat daha cok oyuncuya ihtiyac var.

Level 40 a kadar bedava oynayabilirsiniz.

Auditon Online Dance Battle
http://au.bugsgames.net Oynamak bedavadır.

Holy Beast Online

Dream Of Mirror Online
[URL]http://domo.joypark.com.tw/English/gameInfo/Synopsis_01.aspx Yakında geliyor...

All Points Bulletin
www.webzengames.com/Game/APB/default.asp Geliştiriliyor

www.webzengames.com/Game/Huxley/default.asp Geliştiriliyor

Parfait Station
www.webzengames.com/Game/PS/default.asp Geliştiriliyor

www.webzengames.com/Game/Sun/default.asp Geliştiriliyor

www.webzengames.com/Game/Wiki/default.asp Geliştiriliyor

Ran Online
www.ranonline.com.my/index_eng.asp Diğer online yunlardan farklı bir bedava oyundur.Oyun okulda geçiyor.

Fly For Fun
[URL]http://flyff.gpotato.com/ beda va bir oyun , sevdim bunu. at lvl 20 u can Fly on either a broomstick or a hoverboard when u get lvl 15 it gets fun because then you pick your character class 7/10

Maple Story
www.mapleglobal.com Free to play with cash shop maple story is a fun side scrolling mmorpg the only thing that really lets this game down is the time it takes to lvl a bonus is it has mini games as well 7/10

TS Online
www.mbsoft.ph Pay To Play
http://ts.gameflier.com.my Free To Play
TS online is a game that has a Turn Based Combat

Ragnarok Online
[URL]http://iro.ragnarokonline.com/ Free 15 Day Trial

Rose Online
www.roseonlinegame.com 7 day free trial then pay to play 7/10

Goonzu Online
http://global.goonzu.com Beta Free To Play 6/10

www.dofus.com/en free pay for extra features Turn Based Combat 5/10 good if u like this sought of game

knight Online
www.knightonlineworld.com Free To Play
www.knight-online.com.my Free To Play

Conquer Online
www.conqueronline.com Free To Play

The Mana World
www.themanaworld.org Free To Play

www.ferentus.com Beta u can duel wield weapons on this 5/10

Irth Online
www.irthonline.com Irth Online, priced at $29.95 with a monthly subscription fee of $13.95 Anyone who purchases or has purchased the game prior to 15/11/2005 will not pay a monthly subscription until 1/01/2006

Kal Online
www.kalonline.com Free To Play

Mu Online
www.muonline.com Free To Play

Martial Heroes
www.martialheroes.com Free To Play

Eternal Lands
www.eternal-lands.com Free To Play

Lord Of The Rings Online
http://lotro.turbine.com Development

www.adellion.com Beta

Age Of Conan
www.ageofconan.com Development

Ages Of Athiria
www.agesofathiria.com Development

www.antilia-game.com Development

www.illutia.com Free To Play

www.atriarch.com Beta available for register

DarkFall Online
www.darkfallonline.com going into beta soon

Toontown Online
[URL]http://play.toontown.com/webHome.php 3 Day Free Trial

Hello Kitty Online
www.sanriotown.com/onlinegame Free To Play

Gunz Online
www.gunzonline.com A good online fps a bit buggy but overall a good game Free To Play 8/10

Dragon Raja
www.dragonraja.com.my Free To Play coming back soon

www.runescape.com Free pay for extras

Survival Project
www.survival.com.my Free To Play

World Of Warcraft
www.worldofwarcraft.com 10 Day Free Trial On File Planet Then Pay To Play

A Tale In The Dessert
www.atitd.com Free Trial Subscription cost per month: $13.95 US

www.tibia.com Free and p2p

The Saga Of Ryzom
www.ryzom.com 7 day free trial
the saga of ryzom has a nice community nice visuals you can swim which is fun. You dont gain exp and gain lvls like in normal online games you train up your meele and magic crafting and havesting skills by doing it alot 7/10

Project Entropia
www.project-entropia.com Free To Play
The PED The virtual currency in Project Entropia is PED, or Project Entropia Dollars. The fixed exchange rate equals 10 PED = 1 US Dollar

Gekkeiju Online
www.coolhouse.fi/gekkeiju/defaultv2.asp Free To Play

www.maidmarian.com/Sherwood.htm Free To Play

Marian's World

Multiplayer Tank Ball

Moon Base

Supreme Destiny
www.supremedestiny.com.my Free To Play

www.daimonin.net Free To Play

Sky Blade Sword Of The Heavens
www.z-zone.com.ph/skybladeglobal pay to play

Americas Army
www.americasarmy.com Free To Play

Guild Wars
www.guildwars.com Buy the disc then its free forever 9/10

Endless Online
www.endless-online.com Free

Terra World The Nine Realms
www.terragaming.net Free

City Of Heroes
www.cityofheroes.com Buy To Play Then Pay To Play has a Free Trial

Cartoon Racer
http://cartoon.ongamenet.com.au Beta

Ray Crash
www.pagn.net.ph/raycrash/ A Mech Game 30 Day Free Trial

Battle For Wesnoth
www.wesnoth.org/home Free To Play Turn Based Strategy Game

www.tantra.ph p2p 20 Hours Free Play
Tantra is an mmoRPG based on Middle Eastern spirituality, with a certain originality and charm. When I first played, I didn't appreciate the graphics nor the interface, yet I still really liked it because it had style and originality 7/10

http://oz.ongameport.com Free To Play

Thang Online
http://thang.ongameport.com Free To Play

http://laqia.ongameport.com Closed And Open Beta Coming March 2006

Myth War Online
www.mythwaronline.com Free To Play

Rubies Of Eventide
www.eventide.net Free To Play

Ultimate Eden Online
www.wayi.com.tw/ueonline/en Free Trial then Pay To Play

Project Shinru
http://eng.shinru.co.kr Korean Only English Coming soon

Fung Wan Online
www.fungwanonline.com pay to play
www.fwo.com.my/main/english/index_evr.asp Free To Play

Tactics Arena Online
www.tacticsarenaonline.com Free Browser Based Game

Auto Assuault
www.autoassault.com beta

www.furcadia.com Free To Play

Monster And Me
www.monsterandme.com Free To Play

Free World Online
www.freeworldonline.com Beta

Puzzle Pirates
www.puzzlepirates.com Theres a free server

Shot Online
www.shot-online.com Free golf game

Legend Of Mir 3
www.legendofmir3.co.kr Free Version(english)

http://laghaim.e-games.com.my servers down

o2 Jam
http://o2jam.e-games.com.my free

Five Masters
http://5masters.e-games.com.my free

http://breeze.e-games.com.my Free

Iron War
http://ironwar.e-games.com.my Free

Gate To The Heavens
www.gth.com.my/index.asp Free To Play i found this boring 3/10

Battle Position
[URL]http://battleposition.e-games.com.my/ Beta

http://fairyland-europe.com pay to play

Gods And Heroes
www.godsandheroes.com Development

www.thelastmage.com Free To Play

[URL]http://sphere.yandex.ru/eng Pay To Play 1 Month Free With cd Purchase

Call Of The Warlords
www.cotwarlords.com/main.php Beta strategy game

www.illusorystudios.com/faldon Free To Play

www.magiknights.co.uk Free To Play 2d Rpg

New Age 3
www.newage3.com Free To Play strategy game

Blade Mistress
www.blademistress.com Free To Play

Myth Of Soma
www.mythofsoma.net Pay To Play

www.slayersnet.com Free To Play

Habbo Hotel
www.habbohotel.com Free To Play A chat game where u have to buy credits for real money to get stuff in game

My Coke
www.mycoke.com Free To Play

Infinity Empire
www.infinityempire.com Free To Play

www.elkardian.net.sg Free Until lvl 50

www.planeshift.it Free To Play

Face Of Mankind
www.fomportal.com Open beta

Shattered Galaxy
www.sgalaxy.com Free To Play

www.etfgame.com Free

Little Fighter 2
www.lf2.net Free

Counter Strike
www.counter-strike.net Free?

www.soldat.pl Free

Ashen Empires
www.ashenempires.com Monthly Fee: $8.95

www.samugames.com/artifact free pay for more options

www.blockland.us/blockland/index.asp Free game where u build stuff with lego

Age Of Time
www.ageoftime.com Free

Dungeon Stomp
www.murk.on.ca free

Gangsta War
www.gangstawar.com Free

Hostile Space
www.hostilespace.com free space mmorpg

[URL]http://illarion.org/general/us_news.php Free To Play

[URL]http://myrmidia.mikeasoft.com/index.py Development

Navy Field
www.navyfield.com Free

Ogre island
[URL]http://stage.ogreisland.com/intro.asp free

Purge Jihad
www.purgejihad.com Free To Play Online fps/rpg

Return To Castle Wolfenstein
[URL]http://games.activision.com/games/wolfenstein/ a fps theres a demo

www.wulfram.com Free

World Of Pirates
[URL]http://worldofpirates.4players.de/wop/main_en.html pirate mmorpg with A one time fee to play forever

www.astonia.com 28 Day Free Trial

Aces High 2
www.hitechcreations.com/frindex.html 14 Day Free Trial

Hyper Relay Mini Games
[URL]http://hyperrelay.edenii.com/ Free

Globulation 2
[URL]http://epfl.ysagoon.com/wiki turn based strategy online/offline game Free

Neocron 2
[URL]http://entry.neocron.com/wastelands/index.html 10 day Free trial if u dont have the disc
www.awplanet.com Free To Play But You Can Buy Extra Features

Street Fighter Online
www.streetfighteronline.com Free online fighting game

Dogs Of The Seas
www.dogsoftheseas.com Free
[IMG]http://www.dogsoftheseas.com/art/screen/preview/big/Screen9.jpg" alt="" />

www.fatethegame.com Free

Dispatch Of Army
http://doa.cube-asia.com Free Fps

Realm Wars
www.realmwarsgame.com Beta

The Chronicles Of Spellborn
www.thechroniclesofspellborn.com Beta

Graal Online
www.graalonline.com has different versions some are free some arent

Thule Online
www.thule-online.co.uk Free To Play

Grando Espanda
[URL]http://ge.hanbiton.com/en/index.htm Development
www.battleon.com Free

Wurm Online
www.wurmonline.com Free until lvl 20 or 30
[IMG]http://www.wurmonline.com/screenshots/Slayer-Wild-Cat-Reflection.jpg" alt="" />

www.s2games.com/savage/index.php You have to buy the disc then its free a action/advenure/strategy game

Final Fantasy XI Online
www.playonline.com Buy To Play Then P2P

www.iridisbeta.com A free online 3d shoot-em up, combining elements of classic games such as subspace, netrek and gravity wars. The game is made using a custom DirectX 3d engine that provides downloadable content, adjustable game settings and fast action gameplay

The Realm Online
www.realmserver.com Free and p2p Each character has his or her own password protected house

The Elixer
www.theelixir.com.ar/index_i.php Testing

Risk Your Life
www.ryl.net first month free if u answer a survey
www.ryl.com.my p2p

www.albatross18.com Free to Play golf game
www.pangya.com/english/index.asp Free to play golf game

Lineage 2
www.lineage2.com theres a test server im trying to work out if its free

The Kingdom Of The Winds
www.nexustk.com Open Beta

Kungfu Online
www.gongfu.com.cn/newweb_en/ development

City Of Villains
www.cityofvillains.com Buy To Play Then Pay To Play

Control Monger
www.controlmonger.com Free Online FPS

Silent Shadows
www.ssclassic.net Deveolopment

Sky Raiders
www.skyraiders.com.ph Beta a massively multiplayer online flight simulator game

Rising Force Online
www.risingforce.ph Pay To Play
www.codemasters.co.uk/rfonline/news.php Beta sign up

Vantage Master
www.falcom.co.jp/vantage/index_e.html Free

Anarchy Online
www.anarchy-online.com Free till 2007 and beyond

Dungeon And Dragons Online
www.ddo.com Beta available for sign up

Dark Solstice
www.solsticeserver.com Beta available for sign up

Vanguard Saga Of Heroes
www.vanguardsoh.com Development

Dark Eden
http://en.darkeden.com you can get a premium account

Horizons Empire Of Istaria
www.istaria.com 14 day free trial

www.mokitown.com Another Free chat game 7.5/10

Cabal Online
www.cabalonline.net The grand open-beta-test of CABAL Online starts on the end of October in Korea

www.khanpower.com Beta

Minions Of Mirth

Ultimate Baseball Online
www.ultimatebaseballonline.com Free

Starport Galactic Empires
www.starportgame.com Free

Phantasy Star Online Blue Burst
www.psobb.com pay to play 14 Day Free Trial

silkroad Online
www.silkroadonline.net Beta 6.5/10 Free To Play good but needs more servers its really hard to get on and very laggy

www.playdo.com Free Chat game

Space Cowboy
www.spacecowboy.net Free

Turf Battles
www.turfbattles.com Open Beta

Rpg World Online
www.rpgwo.com Free you can buy extras


Epoch of Shadows
www.mmpog.org Free or buy a premium account

Fate Of The Dragon Online

Risk Your Life 2
www.ryl2.com.my Free

[n]Tactica Online
www.tacticaonline.com Beta

Dark And Light
www.darkandlight.net Beta

Team Revoluxion a beta e-games racing game 7/10

Tabula Rasa
www.playtr.com Beta Soon

Zero Online
www.zero.com.sg closed beta

www.arindal.de/html/en/home.html Open Beta

Endless Ages
Massively Multplayer Online Role Playing Game / First Person Shooter

Race Lands
Race Lands begins with a race based RPG as a massive online multi-player racing game where players can meet on the same tracks in attempts to get the best time, equipment and cars. The faster you are, the quicker you will find yourself in new levels and acquiring new upgrades to further leave your competition in the dust. Racers technology shows off the latest developments in the four point collision addition to Aura, as well as server and client side vehicle physics.

Ancient Lands
Ancient Lands, like all of our online educational simulations is free to play forever. Giza is our first Ancient lands addition, it�s a recreation of how the Giza looked before the drying of the Nile River. This recreation includes a to-scale replica of the temple, as well as the great Sphinx. Included are replicas of statues, and other items that would have been found in the temples as well as items that would have been used by the people of that time. Attached to these items is historical information about them, as well as the surroundings. Secret passage ways will lead to hidden knowledge, just don�t get lost!

Museum Lands
Museum Lands, like all of our online educational simulations is free to play forever. Our first museum brings art from all eras to your view and assists you in learning about the paintings and artists. Additionally the technology offers the ability of having an online studio where you can post your art online in real-time. Paintings can point to URLs and pull image data like a web site but in 3D. We are making this available to schools and educational institutions as part of the educational section of MMOLands

Shining Lore Online development

Twilight Saga
www.twilightsaga.com Free

God Sword
[URL]http://www.gsglobe.com/GSG/Eng/HTML/index.asp Development

Live For Speed Online
www.liveforspeed.net Live for Speed, a racing car simulator game currently in Alpha Testing

www.blitz1941.com Free Tank MMOG

Neo Baseball
www.nbaseball.com Beta

War Rock
www.warrock.net Online Fps Open Beta

Dofus Arena
www.dofus-arena.com Beta

Voyage Century

www.xenimus.com 14 Day Free Trial

Free Style Street Basketball
www.freestyleonline.ph Open Beta

Kingdom Of Cryshall
www.kingdomofcryshall.com Alpha

www.soulkool.com Free To Play chat game where you can make your own crib 7/10

Wonderland Online
[URL]http://wl.chinesegamer.net/english/index.asp Development

http://asia.xiah.co.kr Free To Play

Match Quest Online
www.qkgame.com/en/qk_game.php?gametype=machi_en& Free To Play

Ekaiyo Online
www.ekaiyo.co.uk Development

Mini Racing Online
www.ruleinhell.com Beta

www.droiyan.net Beta

www.navisaer.com Alpha

Winters Twilight

Regnum Online
www.regnumonline.com.ar/index.php?l=1 Beta
[IMG]http://www.regnumonline.com.ar/images/gallery/screenshots/ignis_town2.jpg" alt="" />

Ashenbrook Online
www.ashenbrook.com Development

www.kothuria.com Beta

Godborn Online
www.godborn.com Development

Arch Lord
www.archlordgame.com Development

Stick Online
www.bigsnoot.net/dustnet Free To Play

www.everown.com Development

www.reclamationgame.com Development
[IMG]http://www.reclamationgame.com/typo3temp/973f9f788c.jpg" alt="" />

Star Sonata

Tank Wars Online
www.tankwarsonline.com Beta

Rohan Systemholic Online Rohan
www.playrohan.com Development

www.helbreathusa.com 14 Day Free Trial

www.mankind.net Free Trial


World War Two Online

Trials Of Ascension
www.shadowpool.com Development

Second Life

www.lasthalfofdarkness.com/bloodlust Free To Play

Kingdom Of Drakkar

[IMG]http://www.loradon.com/sshot/p2.gif" alt="" />



Naruto Realm

Naruto Online Ninja Academy


Twilight War




Nine Dragons

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