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Tunceli province
Tunceli (Zazaki: Dêsim, is a province in the Eastern Anatolia region of Turkey. The province was named Dersim until 1936 (Dersim meaning 'silver door' in Persian), and some still call the region by this name. The province's population is predominantly Zaza. Its adjacent provinces are Erzincan to the north and west, Elazığ to the south, and Bingöl to the east. The province covers an area of 7,774 km² and has a population of 76,401. It has the lowest population density of any province in Turkey, just 9.8 inhabitants/km². Tunceli is the only Turkish province with an Alevi majority.

The name of the provincial capital, Kalan, was then officially changed to match with the province's name. Tunceli is known for its old buildings (though mainly destroyed by Hamidiye Alays in the late 19th century and Turkish army in 1936-37 military operations against the last remaining Armenians and Alevi Derebeys-local rulers), and impressive scenery, especially along the Munzur Nehri

Tunceli province is divided into 8 districts (capital district in bold):

* Çemişgezek
* Hozat
* Mazgirt
* Nazimiye
* Ovacık
* Pertek
* Pülümür
* Tunceli

Although a distinct province, it was administered from Elazığ until 1947.

The history of the province stretches back to antiquity. It has been mentioned as 'Daranalis' by Ptolemy, and seemingly, it was referred to as 'Daranis' before him. One theory as to the origin of the name associates with the Persian Emperor Darius.

As of the end of the 19th century, the region (called "Dersim") was included in the Ottoman sancak (subprovince) of Hozat, depending the city and the province of Mamuret-ül Aziz (Elazığ today), with the exception of the actual district of Pülümür, which depended on the neighboring sancak of Erzincan, then a part of the Erzurum Province. This status continued through the first years of the Republic of Turkey, until 1936 when the name of the province ("Dersim") has been changed to Tunceli -literally 'the land of bronze' in Turkish, (tunç meaning bronze and el (in this context) meaning land). The center of the province has been fixed in the town of Kalan and the district of Pülümür has been added within the boundaries of the new province.

'Tunceli is the provincial capital of Tunceli Province in Turkey. Tunceli has a population of 25,041 (2000 census) and most of the population are Zaza in Tunceli. They can speak both Turkish and Zazaki. The official language is Turkish.

Tunceli is located in the middle of the eastern part of Turkey. Although the population of Tunceli gradually decreased, it is really important for its people that still live in Tunceli and migrated different cities and countries. Tunceli is covered with huge mountains, which are called Munzur Mountains, and most of these mountains are holy for Tunceli public and Kizilbas People (Redhead People) like the Munzur River and the other natural things.

There is a struggle for a long time between Zaza people and the Turkish Government in Tunceli.

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