Testosterone v7.17
By Homez & Rumata

Download Link:

How to start:

* Extract the files in to your Silkroad folder.
* Then start the Loader.exe to start silkroad.

- Muliclient.
- Auto relogin (please wait about 12 seconds after message "Failed to connect to server").
- Nude patch.
- Infinity zoom.
- Disable swear filter.
- Minimize in taskbar (low memory mode)
- Mini-mode (1/6 screen size)
- Windowed mode.
- Toggles hiding players and monsters. (Holding 'v' key).
- Toggles showing loot on ground. (Holding 'z' key).
- Weather control.
- Auto-rise mastery.
- Auto-accept resurrection.
- Auto-accept invite to party
- Auto-distribution of status points.
- Alarm on private message.
- Alarm on unique monster.
- Alarm on a bargain start.
- Unique monster log.
- Block messages (All, Whisper, Party, Guild, Union, Global)
- Character info window.
- Loader configuration dialog.
- Redirection the client to local port (substitute for mediapatcher)[/quote]

New commands:


o open configuration dialog, please, run loader with parameters "Loader.exe /cfg"

Another way to control Loader functions is editing the configuration file. This file called C19H28O2.ini and located in the Silkroad directory as Loader.exe itself and C19H28O2.dll.

ZoomHack=1 ;0 to disable
NudePatch=1 ;0 to disable
NoDC=1 ;0 to disable
ChatFilter=1 ;0 to disable
Lang=1 ;0 for Russian, 1 for English
Redirect= ;This is a setting for NuConnector, instead of patching media.pk2
ServerNumber=1 ;0 or 1 gateway server number
UseOneProcessor=0 ; 1 - use one CPU core
SilentStartup=0 ; 1 = don't show configuration dialog

Have Fun!

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