Focus Mp3 Recorder 3.1 has been improved to be an ideal sound recorder. It supports 4 formats (WAV,MP3,WMA,and OGG) and produces high quality recording. The hotkey and schedule settings make it possible to handle auto start/stop of recording. With the hotkeys, you can even record during playing games, watching online video or enjoying music. And the schedules can be set as many as you like.
Converting file formats becomes easy in Focus Mp3 Recorder. Just right click the file and select a supported format. You don't have to shift frequently from playing, recording and converting programs.
The splitter allows you to split a MP3 file into smaller segments. Splitting, previewing, and removing unnecessary segments are easy with clicks. Different speed for playing/previewing, fast locating, trimming and fast forward/backward settings are really helpful during your work.
The joiner can merge multiple audio files into a new one, you never have to play your audio files seperately anymore.

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