Cigarette Borek - Sigara Böreği

½ lb (200-250 gr) Phyllo Pastry
½ cup feta cheese
1/3 cup fresh parsley/ dill, finely chopped
½ cup oil for frying

Mix feta cheese and dill/parsley in a small bowl. Place Phyllo Pastry sheets on top of each other and cut them in half. Then again cut the 2 pieces crosswise from the corners and form 4 pieces . Place 1 tsp of filling on the wide sides and fold the corners inside . Then, roll them up and soak the end to water and close it up. Roll all the sheets up in the same way (you can use 2 pieces of sheets together since the sheets are very thin, but it is up to you).
Sizzle the oil in a large skillet and fry the both sides of Cigarette Boreks over medium heat till their color turn into a light golden brown color. After that, place them on a paper towel to soak the excess oil up.
Place them to a serving plate and serve warm.


P.S: If you are using Turkish-style pastry sheets, cut them in 16 triangular-like pieces and then follow the intructions described above to roll up and fry.
P.S: The Phyllo Pastry dries quickly, so roll them up quickly or cover the ones you aren’t using with a clean cloth.


½ paket (200-250 gr) Phyllo Pastry
½ su bardagi ufalanmis beyaz peynir
1/3 su bardagi taze maydanoz/ dereotu, dogranmis
½ su bardagi siviyag, kizartmak icin

Peynir ve maydanoz/ dereotunu bir kasede karistirin. Yufkalari ust uste tezgahin uzerine yayin ve enine 2 parcaya bolun. Sonra her parcayi kosesinden caprazlamasina kesin ve 4 parca elde edin . Sonra genis kisimlarina 1 tatli kasigi ic malzemeden koyun ve ust kenarlarini ice dogru kivirin . Sonra rulo seklinde dolayin . Uc kismini su ile islatarak yapismasini saglayin. (Yufkalar cok ince oldugu icin 2 yufkayi birden de sarabilirsiniz.)
Yufkalar bitene dek bu islemi uygulayin. Genis bir tavada yagi kizdirin ve sigara boreklerin her iki tarafida kizarana dek orta ateste kizartin. Sigara boreklerini kagit havlu uzerine alip, fazla yagini almasini saglayin.
Servis tabagina alin ve sicak servis yapin.

NOT: Eger normal yufka kullaniyorsaniz, yufkayi 16 esit parcaya bolun ve yukarida anlatildigi bicimde sarin ve kizartin.

NOT: Phyllo Pastry cabuk kurudugu icin, sigara boreklerini cabuk sarin ya da kullanmadiginiz yufklari temiz bir bez ile ortun.

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