CRAFT level 1--->Available at Port Lux Core Alchemist Yerte
•Formula Card No.001--->HP potion lvl2
•Formula Card No.002--->HP potion lvl3
•Formula Card No.003--->MP potion lvl2
•Formula Card No.004--->MP potion lvl3
•Formula Card No.005--->Epaulet of Certification

CRAFT level 2--->11-15 Available at Fort Ruina Core Alchemist
•Formula Card No.006--->Concentration Potion(Lv1)
/Hound S-01,Auto Cannon-OP,Electric Bird,Auto Cannon-Ex,Death Soldier,Invader Mechzard(RS)/

•Formula Card No.007--->Reflex Potion(Lv1)
/Mechbuffalo,Mechzard,Hound S-01,Auto Cannon-OP/

•Formula Card No.008--->Vital Potion(Lv1)
/Mechbuffalo,Auto Cannon-OP,ELectric Bird,Forgotten ruin/

•Formula Card No.009--->Sharpness Potion(Lv1)
/Hound S-01,Mechbuffalo,Mechzard,Death Soldier+,Spector/

•Formula Card No.010--->MP Condensation Potion(Lv1)
/Hound S-01,Electric Bird,Mechbuffalo/

•Formula Card No.011--->HP potion(Lv2)
/Hound S-01, Dark Blader/

•Formula Card No.012--->HP Potion(Lv3)
/Peryton,Mechbuffalo,Stone Gargoyle/

•Formula Card No.013--->MP Potion(Lv2)
/Bugshark,Auto Cannon-OP/

•Formula Card No.014--->MP Potion(Lv3)
/Hound S-01/

•Formula Card No.015--->Epaulet of certification+1
/Stone gargoyles/Peryton+,Stone Golem,Mechbuffalo,Bugshark+,Death Soldier,Hound S-01,Mechmander,
Mechzard,Mechape,Auto Cannon-OP/

CRAFT level 3--->22,30 Available at Fort Ruina Core Alchemist
•Formula Card No.016--->Vital Regeneration Potion(Lv1)
/Mechbuffalo, MechApe Archer,Auto Cannon-OP,Electric Bird+,Death Soldier/

•Formula Card No.018--->Hardness Potion(Lv1)
/Mechbuffalo,Mechzard,Death Giant,Hound S-01/

•Formula Card No.019--->Strike Potion(Lv1)
/Mechzard,Auto Cannon-OP,Electric bird,Mechbuffalo,Death Soldier/

•Formula Card No.022--->RS not Ruina Station**lol***Your Favorite item in pvp-->RETURN STONES

•Formula Card No.023--->HP Potion(Lv2)
/Hound S-01,Auto Cannon-OP/

•Formula Card No.024--->HP Potion(Lv3)
/Mechbuffalo,Mechmander,Electric Bird/

•Formula Card No.025--->MP Potion(Lv2)
/Hound S-01,Auto Cannon-OP/

•Formula Card No.026--->MP Potion(Lv3)
/Mechbuffalo,Mechzard,Electric Bird/

•Formula Card No.030--->Epaulet of Certification+2
/Crag crab,Peryton+,Stone Gargoyle,Ghoul,PhantomWalker,Phantom Crew+, Dark Soldier,Stone Golem,
Dark Blader,Hound S-01,Auto Cannon-Ex+,Lihorn Zombie,Death Giant,Wraith,Excavator Alpha, Berseker
Ghoul, Mechbuffalo/

CRAFT Level 4--->Monster Drop by now
•Formula Card No.032--->Fury Potion(Lv1)
/Mysterious Capsule(Ruina Station),Minotaurus(Lake in the Dusk),Bloody Orc mage/

•Formula Card No.033--->Concentration Potion(Lv2)
/Bloody Orc Mage/

•Formula Card No.034--->Reflex Potion(Lv2)
/Bloody Orcs/

•Formula Card No.035--->Vital Potion(Lv2)
/Wurk(LID),Bloody orc,Bloody Orc mages/

•Formula Card No.036--->Sharpness Potion(Lv2)
/Bloody Orc/

•Formula Card No.037--->MP Condensed Potion(Lv2)
/Bloody Orc/

•Formula Card No.038--->HP Potion(Lv2)
/Lihorn Zombie,Bloody Orc,Zombie fighter/

•Formula Card No.039--->HP Potion(Lv3)
/Zombie Fighter,Death Giant,Mysterious Capsule(RS),Wraith/Spector,Lihorn Zombie/

•Formula Card No.040--->Return Stones *Again*
/Venom Toad(LID),Mysterious Capsule(RS)

•Formula Card No.041--->MP Potion(Lv2)
/Lihorn Zombie,Death Soldier,Wurk and Orc(LID)/

•Formula Card No.042--->MP Potion(Lv3)
/Lihorn Zombie,Zombe Fighter,Vamprie Servant/

•Formula Card No.050--->Epaulet of Certification+3
/Berserker Ghoul,Death Soldier,Lihorn Zombie/

CRAFT level 5--->Monster Drop
•Formula Card No.051--->Upgrade Core(Crystal)
/Giant Scorpion,Fire Beetle/

•Formula Card No.052--->Fore Core(Crystal)
/Zombie Slater,Death Giant, Two-headed Hound/

•Formula Card No.053--->Extract Potion(Str)
/Vampire Servant+,Giant Scorpion,Sand Lihorn/

•Formula Card No.054--->Extract Potion(Dex)
/Death Soldier,Death Giant,Giant Scorpion/

•Formula Card No.055--->Extract Potion(Int)
/Lihorn Zombie,Death Giant,Stone Beetle?/

•Formula Card No.056--->C.A. regard for H Age
/Volcanic Citadel,Forgotten templeB1F,Mutant Forest/

•Formula Card No.060--->Good Luck Potion(Lv1)
/Volcanic Citadel/

•Formula Card No.063--->Vital Regeneration Potion(Lv2)
/Bloody Orc Mage,Dark Gnoll Mage/

•Formula Card No.065--->Hardness Potion(Lv2)
/Bloody Orc Mage/

•Formula Card No.066--->Strike Potion(Lv2)
/Bloody Orc Mage,Dark Gnoll Mage/

•Formula Card No.075--->Epaulet of Certification+4
/Death Soldier, Death Giant,Wraith, Stone Beetle?/

CRAFT level 6--->Monster Drop
•Formula Card No.076--->Upgrade Core(Lv1)
/Blade Peryton,Hexscyther/

•Formula Card No.077--->Plasma Circuit*unknown*

•Formula Card No.078--->Extender Circuit
/Blade Peryton/

•Formula Card No.079--->Glory Potion(Lv1)*unknown*

•Formula Card No.080--->Astral Core Mithril
/Forgotten Temple(Legacy Chest)

•Formula Card No.081--->Good Luck Potion(Lv2)
/EOD B2F ...Dark Blader/Death Knight/

•Formula Card No.084--->Fury Potion(Lv2)
/EOD B2F ...Death Flower/Frickle Flower Gate/

•Formula Card No.085--->Concentration Potion(Lv3)*unknown*

•Formula Card No.087--->Vital Potion(Lv3)
/EOD B2F ...Flame Warrior Zombie/

•Formula Card No.088--->Sharpness Potion(Lv3)
/Death Plant/

•Formula Card No.089--->MP Condensed Potion(Lv3)*unknown*

•Formula Card No.091--->Plasma Plug
/Invader Mechbuffalo+/

•Formula Card No.095--->Certification epaulet+5*unknown pa din*

CRAFT level 7--->Monster Drop
•Formula Card No.096--->Upgrade Core(Lv2)

•Formula Card No.097--->Slot Extender(Lv1)*unknown*

•Formula Card No.098--->Sword Master Potion
/Death Flower gate/

•Formula Card No.099--->Magic Master Potion
/EOD B2F ...Death Knight/

•Formula Card No.100--->Astral Core:Blue Mithril

•Formula Card No.101--->Glory Potion(Lv2)*unknown*

•Formula Card No.103--->Evasion Potion
/Durahan or Death Blader/

•Formula Card No.104--->Vital Regeneration Potion(Lv3)
/Death Plant/

•Formula Card No.106--->hardness Potion(Lv3)

•Formula Card No.107--->Strike Potion(Lv3)*unknown*

•Formula Card No.110--->Epaulet of Certification+6

CRAFT level 8--->Monster Drop
•Formula Card No.111--->Force Core
/Ice Hound Zombie/

•Formula Card No.112--->Upgrade Core*unknown*

•Formula Card No.113--->Plasma Coating Kit
/Invader Mechzard/

•Formula Card No.114--->Slot Extender(Lv2)*unknown*

•Formula Card No.116--->Glory Potion(Lv3)*unknown*

•Formula Card No.120--->Epaulet of Certification+7
/Forgotten Temple(Relic Chest)

CRAFT level 9--->Unknown so far..^^,
•Formula Card No.121--->Perfect Core

•Formula Card No.122--->Perfect Coating Kit

•Formula Card No.123--->Slot Extender

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