Last version 7.19

Support ONLY original sro_client.exe v1.186

[font="Courier New"]3fcd19a73dbb9bf59a31b377dae7e584 *C19H28O2.dll
5ac221ce68df797f69ff39b27fde81ad *Loader.exe


Auto relogin (please wait about 12 seconds after message "Failed to connect to server").
Nude patch.
Infinity zoom.
Disable swear filter.
Minimize in taskbar (low memory mode)
Mini-mode (1/6 screen size)
Windowed mode.
Toggles hiding players and monsters. (Holding 'v' key).
Toggles showing loot on ground. (Holding 'z' key).
Weather control.
Auto-rise mastery.
Auto-accept resurrection.
Auto-accept invite to party
Auto-distribution of status points.
Alarm on private message.
Alarm on unique monster.
Alarm on a bargain start.
Unique monster log.
Block messages (All, Whisper, Party, Guild, Union, Global)
Character info window.
Loader configuration dialog.
Redirection the client to local port (substitute for mediapatcher)
Auto-heals pets
Auto-fuse alchemy materials
Block list (block messages)
Team list (allowed to join party)

Sample unique-Hercules.log:
[code]01/16/08 05:13:35 appears Cerberus
01/16/08 05:19:31 appears Lord Yarkan
01/16/08 05:24:52 __KARTAL_1_ killed Cerberus
01/16/08 05:25:37 killed Isyutaru
01/16/08 05:29:44 G0d killed Lord Yarkan[/code]Now you can change options in the configuration dialog.
To open configuration dialog, please, run loader with parameters

Click Start->Run (or press Win + R) and type
"C:\Program Files\Silkroad\Loader.exe" /cfg

Added startup commands option in C19H28O2.ini:
Commands=/ap on;/arc on
[/code]Section's name consist of "server name" and "-" and "character name".
Commands are separated with ";".

Change log (v6.3):

Fixed /arc & /ap
Added new command: /none - get weather from the server
Renaming sro_client window title

Change log (v6.4):

Added bot compatibility option (default)

The next functions is not compatible with iSroBot:

Character info window (/ui command).
Renaming sro_client window title

Now it is turned off by default.

Change log (v6.5):
Fixed bugs:

/ui command without compatibility flag
redirection to local port after game restart

Change log (v6.6):
New functions:

/ad -- auto-demurderer. (continuous resurrect in town untill you remove PK status)
extended info in UI (if you would select another one you can see his gear)
alternative server option in C19H28O2.ini

ServerNumber=1; can be 0 or 1[/code]Fixed bugs:

/ap - will accept invitation to party not only from the leader

Change log (v6.7):
Fixed bugs:

Gear of player is visible in UI even if he is under monster mask
Reconnect after prompt 'press [ Connect ]' only.

Change log (v6.8):
Fixed bugs:

Refresh progress bars in UI fixed

New functions:

Show Configuration Dialog box at startup.
iSroBot compatibility is off by default.
Auto-heals pets (/ahp)

Change log (v6.9):
Fixed bugs:

Support client 1.144
Removed Debug pet log.
Fixed auto-accept resurrect

Change log (v6.11):

Support client 1.144(145)
/block -- black list
/team -- white list
/fuse -- auto fuse (no need open alchemy window)
Time of disconnect
New sound events
You can force to use one only processor

Change log (v6.11b):

Fixed bug: The loader does not create ini-file.

Change log (v7.0):

Support client 1.151
Fixed bug: Error of detecting free slots in the inventory.

Change log (v7.1):

Fixed bug: /ahp command doesn't working.

Change log (v7.2):

Fixed bug: /ap command doesn't working.

Change log (v7.3):

Fixed bug: no redirection at second attempt to login.
Fixed bug: 99% in EXP gauge.

Change log (v7.4):

Support client 1.153

Change log (v7.5):

Support client 1.158

Change log (v7.6):

Fixed redirection

Change log (v7.7):

Support client 1.159
Syntax of /ahp command changed (/ahp feed [0..99])

Change log (v7.9):

Support client 1.165
Inject option in C19H28O2.ini. Silk.dll should located in bot folder inside game folder. Finger should be launched before!
/fuse [count] -- series length

Change log (v7.10):

Support client 1.171

Change log (v7.11):


Change log (v7.13):

Support client 1.173

Change log (v7.14):

Support client 1.174

Change log (v7.15):

Support client 1.175
Time of death
Custom sounds. New section in C19H28O2.ini:
You can add 10 custom sounds with indexes 0..9. Index of sound file can be
used in last parameter of command /sound. For example:
[code]/sound on unique 1[/code]
CPU Core interleaving (if "Use one processor" ticked)

Change log (v7.17):

Support client 1.182
Copy/Paste to any edit box (Chat, Login, Password) Ctrl-C/Ctrl-V
Support loading client with custom name in config file or command line. Command line parameter has priority over settings in the ini file.
[code]Loader.exe /cfg /client=SRO_Client2.exe[/code]
Event's snow disabled forever.
Show the configuration dialog, if the Ctrl key pressed when the Loader runs.

Change log (v7.18):

Support client 1.184

Change log (v7.19):

Support client 1.186

Attention! To prevent account ban, please, rename SilkErrSender.exe file

Latest Dihydrotestosterone (C19H30O2) v1.0.146 (by Eternal Shield)

Configurator for C19H28O2.ini and more...

[url=][/url] [url=][/url] [url=][/url]

password for Dihydrotestosterone:

Change list:
Added accounting system to hold on account assignment operations with isrobot and silkroad accounts.
DHT is now able to run without Testosterone in isrobot mode. All Testo's features will be disabled. Only accounting will be available.
Testosterone sounds support (riddle: "check it, right click it, assign it")
Added feedback feature
Fixed some bugs

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