Firinda Sutlac - Desserts


* Whole milk (with red cab) 2/3 gallon
* Rice 1 cup
* Starch (rice, corn or wheat) 4 table spoons
* Vanilla
* 2 egg yolk
* sugar 1 cup or more as you wish


Boil the milk and add rice in it and stir them and boil again. Cook the rice until they become very soft. Stir continuously. Have some cold milk and add starch in it and dissolve the starch. Add cold milk and starch into the boiling rice in milk. Stir. Add sugar and mix them. If you like sweet add more sugar. Have some mixture from the pan and add 2 egg yolk to it. Make a good egg yolk combination and add this mixture to the pan back. Mix them very well. Use aliminum container for baking. I prefer using baby cake aliminum containers. You can use smaller kind. For this measurement 10 container will be good. Aliquot all of the mixture to them. Broiled them from the top in the oven. During broiling use a tray with some water for keeping the oven humid. Watch them until just the top layer become fried. Serve them cold.

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