The latest game in the Superbike World Championship series. This is the same as the FIFA and PES franchises where every year you get a new and improved version of the game. Simple install instructions that almost anyone could follow. Enjoy.

SBK: Superbike World Championship lets motorcycle racing enthusiasts climb aboard 22 different bikes and race around a dozen official Superbike World Championship courses. All of the real teams and riders from the circuit are available for use, and each bike can be realistically upgraded and tweaked with new tires, brakes, and adjustable suspension and gearing. Racers must deal with four different weather conditions, while advanced physics and rider AI are intended to produce an extremely realistic racing experience. Those who prefer arcade-style racing can make use of the five different pre-configured realism settings as they speed through “Instant Action,” “Time Attack,” “Race Weekend,” “Championship,” “Challenge,” and “Quick Race” modes. Gamers looking for competition can head online for multiplayer Quick Races for up to eight.

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