İşletim sistemi: Win 98/ME/2000/XP
İşlemci: Pentium II 233Mhz or AMD K6-2 233Mhz (450Mhz önerilen)
RAM: 32MB (128 MB önerilen)
HDD: 600MB (1.3GB önerilen)
4x CD-ROM (24x önerilen)
DirectX 8 destekli ekran kartı w/2MB (16 MB önerilen)
16-Bit DirectX 8 destekli ses kartı

Big Biz Tycoon is a management strategy game that, like several similar games, lets you build and run your own company. But unlike most other games in the management strategy genre, Big Biz Tycoon incorporates elements from virtual-life games like The Sims. While these elements add some variety to the standard business, the game as a whole is clearly own of the best on the market. And Big Biz Tycoon has terrific looks and sounds. Its 2D graphics are colorful and functional, and its unforgettable music and sound effects add much to the game.

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