* 5 glasses of flour
* 1½ or 2 glasses of water
* 1 dessert spoonful of salt
* Between - 2 glasses of butter or margarine
* In - 1 kilo of pumpkin, 1 glass of walnut, ½ glass of sugar, 1 dessert spoonful of cinnamon
* On - 1 glass of caster sugar


Knead a dough of ear soft from flour, water and salt. Divide into 10 pieces, cover with a piece of damp cloth and leave to rest for half an hour. Roll out each piece thin. Lay 5 yufka in an oiled tray, and spread the molten butter. Do not leave any unbuttered part. After laying five yufka, grate the squash, crush the walnut mix the cinnamon and the sugar and sprinkle on the buttered yufka. Put the other 5 yufka on it, and butter it well. Bake it in an oven at 200 C°. After taking it out sprinkle the caster sugar on.

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