Keeping You Warm - Sean Paul - Şarkı Sözü lyric

Di gyal dem steal all tree
Sean-A-Paul, so mi give it to, so mi give it to, so mi give it to
To all girls, Fight mi den an fatty naughty shorty
Baby girl, all my girls, all my girls, Sean-A-Paul seh well
Woman di way di time cold I wanna be keeping you warm
I got the right temperature fi shelter yuh from di storm
Hold on gyal I got di right tactics to turn yuh on
An girl I, wanna be di poppa yuh can be di mom, oh oh
(Verse 1)
I got to di gyal dem bruk out pon di floor from yuh dont wanna wuk his performa
From yuh dont waan nuh man weh caan tun yuh on gyal mek mi see yuh hands dem up pon yuh
Caan stand Pamela nah eat yuh nah nyam steam fish nah nuh green banana
But down in Jamaica wi give it to yuh hot like a sauna
(Verse 2)
Pampas pose an gyal yuh got di chest out but yuh nuh waste out cau gyal yuh impress out
An if yuh des out a mi yuh fi test out cau I got di remedy fi mek yuh de-stress out
Mi haffi plot it becau mi God bless out an girl if yuh want it yuh haffi contest out
A nuh lie weh wi need set weed haffi test di machess out
(Verse 3)
Gal know so mi crazy no di straight up a nuh pigeon an flava show
Time fi wi mek baby now so stop gwaan like yuh a get shady yo
Woman dont play mi no cause I no frets an fat nuh Grady yo
My lovin is the way to go my lovin is the way to go
(Verse 4)
When yuh roll wid a playa like mi wid a bredda like mi gyal there is no odda
Dont need to talk it right here just park it right here an keep it unda cover
Cau mi love how yuh fit inna yuh blouse an yuh fat inna yuh jeans an mi waan discover
Everyting bout yuh baby girl can yuh hear weh mi utter
(Verse 1)
Oh oh, oh oh, oh oh

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