Next Generation - Sean Paul - Şarkı Sözü lyric

If everyday di same ting gwaan all like parrot too gone yuh know
Hey yuh done know if big live dem life like a pon right now yuh know di story a go nuh
Step up
If everyday a man dead
A next man lose him head
Dem find a next baby dead inna di bed
A wah guh happen to we next ghetto yute man
Wah guh happen to wi next generation
Hey yo
A bare nuclear bomb
A bare all man nation
We still a get trick vibe politician
An wah guh happen to we next ghetto yute man
Wah guh happen to we next generation
(Verse 1)
Dats why
Mi dont like
To see white car wid blue light
An I dont like
Fi see dem a get di ghetto yute a fight
An we dont like
Fi see di coppa metal move hype
Dem a pressure wid dem fight but two wrong nuh mek a right
An mi dont like
Fi see di innocent blood a spill
An mi dont like
Fi see di crack pipe a get fill
An wi caan tek mi seh anodda man life bill
Still we haffi find a way fi bury house pon di hill
(Verse 2)
Hey yo
An in a likkle bit a time a likkle man sell we out
An in a likkle bit a time gun dem leff di gun tree widout
An nah a likkle bit a time wi still trick man like skunk
Dis time wi knock it outta mout
Tell dem caan stop di ghetto yute
Dem caan stop Dutty Paul
Just like dem caan stop di toot nah di rim
All life move in stages
Watch fi di changes
Watch di ghetto yute a buss dem cages
(Verse 1)
(Chorus x2)
(Verse 3)
Sign of di time s
Revelation haffi heal all di people dat feel seh whats di deal
Sign of di time Dutty Cup an we deh yah a we a tell dem a di lyrics is real mi seh
Yeah yuh know
Weh mi tell people seh right now dis is di new millennium
Yuh know its time to step up from di eediat ting a wah gwaan over di years
Weh mi seh
Check it

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