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Dear Maman Louisiana:

Thank you for loving us, your children. Thank you for your prayers, your support, and your caring for us when we get sick or need to go to the hospital for whatever reason it may be.

Thank you for feeding us your good Cajun cookin’, and thank you for providing us with shelter, warm clothes, hugs and love, prayers, and teaching us about God and His Wonderful Ways. Thank you for rootin’ for us at our sporting events, or our concerts if we are singing, or our plays.

Thank you for teaching us about right and wrong, and the consequences if we misbehave; and thank you for all the times we have spent in time out or our spankings, so we can remember what we have done wrong and what will happen if we DO misbehave or get into mischief!

Thank you for your knowing what to do in an emergency, and thank you for providing us with the things we need to get through the day; and thank you for helping us with our homework if we have trouble understanding it and not getting mad at us if we fail and encouraging us to do better next time and supporting us whenever we are struggling with our schooling.

Thank you, Mama, for teaching us about compassion and caring for other people; thank you for reminding us that even though we may have it bad at times there are always others who have it so far worse; and they are the ones who need our help and our prayers!

Thank you for teaching us about the Bible and helping us if we don’t understand it; and thank you for taking us to Christ Community Assembly of God church every Sunday and Wednesday. Thank you for our church family, and thank you for teaching us about God and Jesus and all those people from the Bible!

Thank you for our vacations (most notably, our recent trip to Alaska) and our good times at places like Fan Fair or the Crawfish Festival! We really enjoy these places, and we enjoy spending time with you!

Thank you for not being afraid to act silly once in a while, and thank you for not getting mad at us if WE do, and thank you for allowing us to be kids!

Thank you for daddy, and thank you for marrying Bill Sandusky! You picked a winner in him!! Thank you for adopting us kids, and even though we may look or sound different than one another, we are still your kids; and we are all brothers and sisters by adoption; and you have taught us that being different is okay, and that being adopted is a GOOD thing and nothing to be ashamed of!

Thank you for all the love and caring you have shown us kids over the years; and thank you for being our Mama! We couldn’t have asked for a better one than you!!

We wanted to write this and let you know that as our Mama, we wanted to wish you the BEST Mother’s Day EVER, and we hope you enjoy “YOUR DAY” tomorrow! We will do all we can to make it the best one EVER for you; YOU deserve it!!

We LOVE you, MAMA!!


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