13 Horses - Alexander Rybak

13 horses,
swimming in the sea.
Waiting for someone to find them.
Their ship is gone, and now they're all alone
with water everywhere around them
The men were saved, from the sinking ship,
right before it started to burn.
And while they're safe, their loyal friends need help
Patiently waiting for their turn.

13 horses,
swimming in the sea,
they don't even know it's pointless.
The pride remains, but this time it won't help
They used to be so tall, and suddenly they're small
There's a couple, way too far behind,
soon they will be out of sight.
But then, who cares?
They're dying anyway
all of them are doomed this night.

11 horses,
swimming in the sea
the sea they thought was just a river.
They're used to this

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