Foreign Legion: Buckets of Blood is a cartoon-style third-person shooter. You take the role of a last-standing hard-boiled Legionnaire on a mission to protect a village against an entire rebel army.

As the last survivor of a Foreign Legion strike team, you alone must protect a village against a local rebel group. The villagers took refuge and fortified themselves inside the town hall and are waiting for the rescue helicopter to arrive. It’s your job to protect the villagers from the rebels’ ambushes!

Key features:

* Fill your buckets with blood by causing suicide bombers to explode prematurely or shoot gory head shots!
* A dynamically evolving soundtrack that reacts to your actions!
* A complete arsenal of weapons, including personal air-raid support to slaughter attacking hordes at once.
* A broad range of difficulty and levels with action-packed fun for both casual and veteran players!

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