Hannah Montana! Star of world-class singer, a concert that dream to get thousands of fans, charming girl, for which the mad and the guys that wants to be like any girl, but still ... schoolgirl provincial town Mailuu Stewart!

Who would have thought a great Hannah Montana - This is a common provincial girl, who only the night turns into a global superstar, and in the morning as if nothing had happened, as all pupils go to school to attend! In this mystery, she spent only the closest people: a father and two friends. With all the rest have to keep your eye: it is equally important for the two sides of life. To live without a scene to it as impossible as to live without your favorite girlfriends, no father, no school friends and even harmful school teacher mother. But how well can continue? You can not always something to hide, and at night sometimes want to sleep in his cozy bedroom, and not at the speed of light pull the dress, do makeup, hair and parallel troll - because after a few minutes to go on stage!

Hannah Montana, to be exact Mile Stuart, need your help! It is time to choose - to remain in his native town and live as lived all her odnoklassnitsy, or become the most popular singer ever, and leave the home school, to part with friends, and even occasional visits with his parents. Try to live her life! Appeared on stage, Sing and Dance, invent a costume and decorated the stage, pick up the enormous halls of fans! And then stay Mile Stewart - go to the ranch, ride horses, Walk with friends, help her family and friends in their daily affairs.
Now, Hannah Montana and Mile Stewart - it's you. And it's time to make the final choice!

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