Last Half of Darkness Tomb of Zojir
Publisher: Tri Synergy | Adventure/Quest | 1.38 GB
Language :English
Year of release: 2009
The Genre: Adventure, Quest
The Platform: PC
Exit Date: October 2009 г
The Developer: WRF Studios
The Publisher: Tri Synergy

The Description:
The ominous darkness has shrouded «the Den of the gipsy» in the city of Shedoukrest. The book which specifies a way to Island of the dead is found. The book, whose pages should be protected by centuries by the eternity. Ancient legends say about the phantoms disappearing in the most gloomy places of island. They patiently wait for new victims - the silly seamen who too close have swum up to a haunt of vice. The ancient treasure stored in depths is visible, and attracts trustful rascals. However not all can to them take hold, as it is protected by darkness - the ancient force living in an old temple of century prescription.

Features of game:
- The convenient interface of management
- Game in the high permission
- Music forcing atmosphere
- Original puzzles
- More than 30 hours of game process

System requirements:
- An operating system: Windows 95/98/Me/2000/XP
- The processor: Pentium 800 MHz
- Operative memory: 256 Mb
- A place on a hard disk: 2GB
- The sound device: compatible with DirectX
- A video card: compatible with Direct X, 64 Mb

The Instruction on installation:
1. We unpack archives
2. We mount an image
3. We establish
5. We play

Edition Type: the licence
Tabletka: it is not required
Interface Language: English
The Size: 1.38 GB

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