The only system optimization and security software you'll ever need: six award-winning products contained in one complete solution. Fix stubborn errors, accelerate performance, maintain peak PC health, protect against viruses, hackers, spyware, adware, and more using the System Mechanic 6 Professional robust arsenal of powerful tools. IMPROVED! Spyware Protection Advanced protection from spyware, malware, adware, and other PC parasites. NEW! Disaster Recovery Rescue PCs that won't start and revive damaged hard drives. NEW! Startup Optimizer Accelerate boot speeds by optimizing the programs that start with Windows. FASTER! Disk Defrag Defragment drives up to ten times faster than the Windows built-in defragmenter. NEW! Fix Hard Drive Problems Drive Medic" fixes disk problems before they can cause data loss or system failure. NEW! Comprehensive System Inspector Tool Get ultra-detailed diagnostic reports of all hardware and software in your PC. ENHANCED! Registry Optimization Find and fix even more problems that can arise from the Registry and cripple your system. NEW! Advanced Process Manager Look under the hood and see what's running. Optionally block dangerous items from starting again. IMPROVED! Startup Manager Review the more than 30 places where programs can hide themselves to start automatically. Eliminate dangerous programs and block them from starting again.


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