Paragrafta Ve Parçada Anlam İle İlgili Test Soruları 1 - Paragrafta İle İlgili Test Soruları 1 - Parçada Anlam İle İlgili Test Soruları 1 - İngilizce Test Soruları

Many cities in developing countries suffer from overcrowding and pollution far more than to those in the industrialized, developed parts of the world. Metropolitan authorities in developing countries must cope with environmental problems commonly associated with large human settlements – solid waste disposal, sewage
treatment, and industrial pollution, as well as the sociocultural impact of overcrowding and congestion. If facilities for a safe water supply, sewage treatment and disposal, and collection and disposal of solid waste exist at
all in such cities, the systems are often inadequate. In part, this is because developing countries lack the necessary financial resources to provide essential urban sevices. In addition, many cities grew up so quickly that there was little forethought or time to develop a rational urban plan to accommodate the vast influx of
rural poor draw to the city.

49. It is pointed out in the passage that, wherever there are large human settlement, ........................ .

a. there are people who complain about the inefficiency of the urban services
b. there will be overcrowding and pollution of roughly the same intensity
c. they will appear attractive to people in sparsely – populated rural areas
d. the essential urban services are always insufficient even in developed countries
e. there will be problems to solve, ranging from the physical and practical to the sociocultural

(Cevap E) Doğru cevap (e) şıkkıdır. Paragrafı okuduğumuzda ana temanın gelişmekte olan ülkelerdeki aşırı nüfus artışının beraberinde getirdiği problemler olduğunu görmekteyiz. Soru cümlesinde yer alan “large human settlement”ın paragraftaki yerini bulduğumuzda zaten soruda bizden istenen bu aşırı nüfus artışının yol açtığı sorunların neler olduğunu görmekteyiz. Bu tür paragraf sorularında paragrafı okumadan önce soruları okumalıyız ki paragrafı okurken öncelikli olarak nerelere dikkat etmemiz gerektiğini önceden belirleyebilelim. Paragrafı okuyup soru bölümüne geçtiğimizde de çok genel bir soru sorulmadığıtaktirde soru cümlesinde geçen kelime veya tamlamaların paragraftaki yerini bularak doğru cevaba ulaşabiliriz.

50. We understand from the passage that, in developing countries, .......................... .

a. facilities such as a safe water supply and sewage disposal are frequently unsatisfactory
b. conditions rural areas are worse than those in urban areas.
c. the only serious problems encountered in the cities are finance – based.
d. the attitude to overcrowding is different from that in the developed countries.
e. the problems of urban conditions are being effectively dealt with.

(Cevap A) Doğru cevap (a) şıkkıdır. Diğer şıklarda yer alan cümleler paragrafta yer almayan konulardan oluşmaktadır. “Gelişmekte olan ülkelerde temiz su kaynakları ve kanalizayon sistemi genellikle yetersizdir.” ifadesi zaten paragrafta da yer aaldığı için doğrudur.

51. It is clear from the passage that one reason why conditions in the cities of developing countries are so bad is .................. .

a. the difficulty of convincing people of the need for urban planning
b. that the people there have on idea about the advantages of urban planning
c. because people have grown so used to them they see no need to change them
d. due to the fact that the metropolitan authorities are at a loss to know how to change them
e. that, before there had even been time to think about urban development, these cities were already there

(Cevap D) Doğru cevap (d) şıkkıdır. Soru cümlesinde tamamlamamız gereken bölüm gelişmekte olan ülkelerdeki şehirlerde durumun bu kadar kötü olmasının sebebinin ne olduğudur. Paragrafın son cümlelerine baktığımızda bu sorunun cevabını bulmaktayız.

Though forests are being consumed at great speed in developing countries for agricultural purposes, there is another side to the picture. Agricultural projects can include components that explicity conserve natural forest or reforest lands where the trees have been cut down, and thus enhance agricultural production in a very cost – effective manner. A case in point is a World Bank–assisted irrigation project in Indonesia. To prevent deforestation of the watershed above the Dumoga Slawesi irrigation works, the Dumoga National Park was established on 2,700 square kilometres. The cost was less, than 1 per cent of the total Project costs, and went mainly to establish and demarcate park boundaries, develop a managament plan, hire personel, and provide the necessary infrastructure and equipment. This relatively small investment protects sedimentation and maintenance costs, and water necessary for optimal nice production. The park also preverves much of the rich flora and fauna that are unique to the island of Sulawesi.

52. The passage makes the point that agricultural projects need not always bring about the destruction of forest land, ...................... .

a. especially when funding is no problem
b. in particular when people have learned ta valvue their flore and fauna
c. and gives the example of an irrigation project in Indoesia
d. even when rainfall is scarcely adequate
e. thought maintenance costs are likely to be high

(Cevap C) Doğru cevap (c) şıkkıdır. Metni okuduğumuzda yazarın ana fikir olarak tarım projelerinde orman alanlarının tahrip edilmesi gerekmediğini öne sürdüğünü ve bu savını desteklemek için Endonezya’dan
bir örnek verdiğini görmekteyiz. Diğer şıkların konu ile ilgili doğrudan bağlantısı bulunmamaktadır.

53. The passage describes the making of the Dumoga National Park and emphasizes ......................... .

a. its main function is to preserve the rich flora and fauna of the region
b. that the cost making it was very small indeed
c. now much time and planning and experience went into creation
d. the uniqueness of the scheme
e. how difficult it was too persuade the authorities to agree to this part of the Project

(Cevap B) Doğru cevap (b) şıkkıdır. Paragrafın satırına baktığımızda Dumoga Doğa Parkının maliyetinin çok düşük olduğunu görmekteyiz.

54. We understand from the passage that the Dumoga National Park serves a very useful function, .................... .

a. even thought the costs of its upkeep are proving higher than was expected
b. thought most people still refuse to admit it
c. thought reforesting this area was a long slow process and extremely expensive
d. as it is the only part of the _sland that is forested
e. as it protects the Dumoga Sulawesi irrigation works immediately below it by reducing sedimentation

(Cevap E) Doğru cevap (e) şıkkıdır. Paragrafın son iki cümlesini dikkatle okuduğumuzda doğru cevabın (e) şıkkı olduğunu görmekteyiz.

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