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43-Although there is now more consumer choice than ever before, …………. .
A)it is certainly a result of mass-production, beginning with the Industrial Revolution
B)many people do not seem as satisfied as they used to be
C)going shopping when things are on sale is so economical
D)it depends on whether you have enough capital or not
E)it might have been due to the unprecedented increase in demand

44-Despite the disadvantage of playing away from home in front of a hostile crowd, ……… .
A) our team put in one of their, best performances of the season
B) they knew they'd never have a chance to win
C) we were rather late and were unable to get tickets
D)the players were a little demoralised, and couldn't do their best
E)I don't have satellite TV, so I couldn't watch the match anyway

45- The cease-fire has now held for six months, ………. .
A) so both sides still distrust one another
B) everyone is certain that the situation will soon be resolved
C) thus the relationship between the two countries has never been an easy one
D) when all the parties involved in the conflict had been in agreement
E) yet no one is ever sure what will happen from one day to the next

46-……….., the world has had to adjust to a new set of international realities.
A)Until the outstanding events of the late 1980s
B)While several countries were undergoing a traumatic period
C)Ever since the break-up of the Soviet Union
D)After the peace conference, which is due to take place next month
E)Though there had been speculation about the state of the Prime Minister's health

47-We went to the travel agent's to book a flight, …………… .
A)only to learn that there were no seats left on the planes
B)who is likely to tell us that we'll need to get a visa before going
C)considering that the plane ticket was very expensive indeed
D)which also includes a few historical places, such as Hagia Sophia
E)and landed at Gatwick Airport in the middle of the night

48-…………unless he does very poorly in the final exam.
A)Dave has only done very little work for his finals
B)Joseph is certain to do well in his course
C)Greg has never been very good at taking tests
D)Paul couldn't have answered that question
E)Bill won't be able to graduate next month

49-Though both sides claim that they don't want a war, ………… .
A)it causes a lot of suffering to civilians
B)maintaining a military is very expensive
C)the peoples of both countries are against it as well
D)they don't seem to be able to agree in the negotiations
E)the presidents of both countries were once very strict generals

50-Harry has been earning a lot of money recently, ………… .
A)although he is one of the most industrious workers in the company
B)but he hasn't managed to save a thing
C)so he can barely afford to look after his expensive house by the sea
D)in spite of the fact that his job pays rather well
E)until he'd contracted a serious disease and missed a month of work

51-……… ,yet it is much safer than it used to be because of modern safety equipment.
A)With a little care, you won't encounter any mishaps
B)considering the great risk involved in automobile races
C)Skiing can be counted among the most dangerous sports
D)Household accidents account for many deaths of children
E)Drink-driving poses a great threat for innocent pedestrians

52-Whereas I really love the taste of coffee, …………. .
A)I can't stand it with milk and sugar
B)it is definitely my favourite hot drink
C)instant coffee is much easier to prepare
D)it is becoming increasingly popular in offices
E)it helps keep me awake when I have to work at night

53-……….., but with glasses, he can see as well as anybody.
A)Jeff used to wear contact lenses
B)Roy's eyesight is so bad that he's nearly blind
C)As a child, Richard's vision was perfect
D)Tim lost his glasses when he went camping
E)John leaves his glasses behind wherever he goes

54-Russia lost a lot of land when the Soviet Union broke up; ……….. .
A)nevertheless. not very many of them are very useful
B)even though many other things happened in the same year.
C)moreover, it is possible that they may try to find it again
D)in contrast, the rubble collapsed at the same time
E)however, it's still the largest country in the world

55-…………, which is a sport combining skiing and shooting.
A)I'm opposed to the use of guns in sport
B)Canadians traditionally do well in the biathlon
C)Every year many people die in hunting accidents
D)The Swedes have a skiing division in their army
E)More people die from guns in cold, snowy places

56- If the' rain hadn't stopped……….. .
A)the river would have flooded its banks
B)the tennis match has been cancelled
C)I wouldn't have taken an umbrella
D)it had rained heavily for almost a week
E)I will still be staying at home on New Year's Eve


43B 44A 45E 46C 47A 48B 49D 50B 51C 52A 53B 54E 55B 56A

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