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127-………….., but despite that, I think I should.
A)I don't feel like going to my language class this evening
B)I asked her why she hadn't told me about her problem in advance
C)1 think you ought to visit your parents more often
D)I don't expect that tomorrow’s exam is going to be very hard
E)I know I shouldn't have been so rude to the customer

128-Although he loved her, he said he wouldn't he able to marry her ……………. .
A)so they set the date for the second week in June
B)until he was earning enough money to support them both
C)and it was one of the nicest weddings anyone had ever seen
D)when he had a better salary and could support her in style
E)since he was making good money and thought it was time to start a family

129-He has lived in China for five years and claims to be fascinated by the country and culture, ……… .
A)which he speaks like a native
B)yet he speaks not a word of the language
C)that he has never lived anywhere else for so long before in his life
D)so he has never made an attempt to learn their history
E)in order to make a thorough study of the language

130-………..; on the other hand, it offers very low leisure facilities.
A)There is nothing to do on the school premises, except for attending lectures
B)Socially and academically, it has the worst reputation of any British university
C)Having such a superb academic reputation in the country
D)The materialism of the 1990s is very dull compared with the idealism of the '608
E)Academically, it is supposed to be one of the best universities in England

131-…………that he was persuaded to get a job.
A)As his new book was reviewed very favourably
B)When, after years of trying, he finally achieved success as an author
C)It was only after his three books failed to secure him any income
D)Though he had lived happily enough on welfare for ten years
E)Having written his best and most popular book for years

132-In the event of rain during tomorrow's celebrations, …………… .
A)we will just have to change our plans and do something indoors
B)as there is always a chance of severe flooding if it does
C)after we had made such elaborate plans it was really a disappointment
D)we knew that the weather forecast had predicted it would be sunny
E) everyone has brought their umbrellas along just in case

133-The two great boxers, Muhammad Ali and Mike Tyson are not contemporaries, ……….. .
A)that is, they both became very famous in the same country
B)whenever they met, their match used to be watched by the millions the world over
C)although he is getting too old to ever be champion again
D)the former was the youngest heavyweight champion of all time
E)but many believe that the latter could never have beaten the former in his prime

134-The hotel was awful not simply because it was miles from the beach and town, …………… .
A) moreover there was a good night club there
B) and besides it was the perfect place to relax
C) nevertheless there were no other guests
D) but also because there was nothing to do at night
E) there weren't many activities for the entire family

135-………, the company was going through hard times and couldn't afford to pay any more.
A)Because he has been a model worker for the past two years
B)Although his boss agreed that he deserved a higher salary
C)While the present economic situation is unfavourable
D)However much the boss might oppose increasing anyone's salary
E) As a result of increased sales leading to one of the best financial years ever

136-Having only recently completed his university education, ……….. .
A)there were only poorly-paying jobs available
B)the company could not offer anything very attractive
C)he could hardly expect to get a top-paying job right away
D)the bank was still after him to pay back his student loans
E)he is sure to get a first-class honours degree

137-As the journey to Ankara is quite long, …………… .
A)I want to make sure we leave early
B)we have to drive for seven hours
C)stopping overnight won't be necessary
D)we would be there sooner than we'd expected
E)we'll take turns at the wheel, though

138-……..until the manager rang me yesterday with the good news.
A)I have always been nervous about job interviews
B)I was not sure whether I would get the job
C)Though the interview went well. I don't know if I'll be employed
D)I've heard that the date of my interview has been changed
E)I’m certain l did very well at the interview yesterday

139-……., which is the capital city and cultural centre.
A)Quito is situated high in the Andes Mountains
B)Tourists to Hungary usually go to Budapest
C)The London Underground is very expensive
D)There are several minority groups scattered all over the country
E)Apparently. Paris is most beautiful in the spring

140-Many educated people in my developing countries used to learn Russian………….. ..
A)which has the longest border of all the countries on the Earth
B)where education was highly centralised during the Soviet period
C)because a lot of doctors receive their training there
D)believing that they will be able to complete their education abroad
E) so that they could further their education in the Soviet Union


127E 128B 129B 130E 131C 132A 133D 134D 135B 136C 137A 138B 139B 140E

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