Bu programla sizde autorun cd yapabilirsiniz,oldukça iyi bir program

Use AutoRun for your CD/DVD projects to deliver custom Menus, Web Sites, PDF and PowerPoint files, video playlists, SlideShows, and just about any other type of presentation. AutoRun's drag and drop Menu Creator allows you to create any type of Menu you want. Menu Themes are included. Create custom Buttons as well as choose from 14 button actions.

Only AutoRun has 2 forms of Security. Disk and File Security protect your files and content, while keeping unauthorized users out. Only AutoRun uses the Failsafe Program feature to ensure every user can view your project. For example: AutoRun will install Acrobat (which you provide) if needed to open your PDF file. In-program Help and Flash tutorials guide you through your project. Version 3.0.8 improves the layout of the Music Viewer playlist

[url=http://www.download.com/AutoRun/3000-2189-10054420.html?part=dl-AutoRun&subj=uo&tag=button]AutoRun Typhoon - Reviews and free AutoRun Typhoon downloads at Download.com[/url]

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