Your Uninstaller! uninstaller software is the industry's leading uninstaller software. It's the world's 1st smart Drag&Uninstall" uninstaller software under the Windows platform, it's "Windows XP Optimized" and also works on other Windows versions including Windows XP/2000/ME/98/95/2003. It's as easy as using the recycle bin. Imagine! Just a drag-drop and the program you don't want will disappear from your computer-- as well as everything the unwanted program brings! Your Uninstaller! is a user-friendly way of removing unneeded applications on your computer. It can even remove some annoying spywares!

Key features
- Completely remove any application installed.
- Deep scan of registry and entire disk for unused registry entries and files.
- Remove programs that could not be removed by Add/Remove Program.
- Uninstall screen savers.
- Shows all applications installed on your computer with customized views. Built-in Disk Cleaner helps you find and remove unnecessary files on your disk to save space and make computer faster!
- Built-in IE Context Menu Cleaner, cleans the context menu of Internet Explorer.
- Built-in Startup Manager, take full control of Window startups.
- Built-in Start Menu Manager helps you keep your Start Menu clean.
- Get the applications detail info even if it hide itself in deep directory, especially useful for finding out "Spy" applications.


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