When did you last defragment your hard disk? Nearly everyone knows its necessary but hardly anyone does it regularly. In the course of time Windows takes longer and longer to find data on your hard disk. This happens because files get split up into more and more fragments stored in different places all over the disk. Finding and reading these fragments takes much longer than accessing a file that is all stored in the same place.

Users of Ashampoo Magic Defrag dont need to worry about this problem, because the program keeps their hard disks defragmented for them. In fact, they hardly even notice its there.

Ashampoo Magic Defrag Highlights:
- Defragments the hard disk automatically and "invisibly" in the background.
- Pauses defragmentation automatically as soon as other programs require processor capacity or access the hard disk.
- Switching to Pause mode only takes around one second.
- Support for defragmenting compressed files.
- No analysis needed - defragmentation starts immediately! The advanced defragmentation algorithm eliminates the need for a time-consuming analysis phase. This means that the program is genuinely productive whenever it's running, even if it's just for a few seconds.


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