Creating computer slide shows is very easy with MySlideShow. This simple and straightforward software application offers its users a comprehensive toolkit for making bright, memorable and esthetically pleasing slide shows and photo albums. The program is quite elementary - select images, indicate the desired sequence (or choose random order), apply special transition effects, and you get a professionally looking slide show with one button click. Conveniently, photo albums, thumbnail web galleries, screensavers and video CDs can be created with the same program!

MySlideShow is jam-packed with helpful features, meaning you will never have to buy any additional software. For example, MySlideShow is capable of adding and editing slide captions, changing picture orientation, synchronizing slide shows with music and sound effects. All options can be applied to individual images or entire sets of pictures; the slide show can go on in automatic and manual modes, making it possible to use MySlideShow for creating presentation.

Importantly, the program is capable of packing slide shows into executable and screensaver files (.exe and .scr respectively), thus making it very easy to distribute them. The Video Generator plug-in allows you to burn VCD, SVCD, DVD video discs and create VCD, SVCD, DVD, WMV and DivX video files from your slide show projects. These features are just a small fraction of what the software has to offer its buyers. And best of all, anyone can try MySlideShow free of charge.
Registered users can distribute MySlideShow presentations (slide shows, albums, web galleries or video files) for free. No royalty fee is required. The Business License is required if you want to create and distribute MySlideShow presentations for commercial purposes.

- Has a convenient user interface (similar to Windows Explorer) for adding image files to your slide show from your image folders.
- Shows selected images and slides in preview and full screen modes.
- Shows slides as thumbnails, which makes it easier to change their sequence or sort them.
- Allows you to customize various slide show parameters.
- Allows you to add and edit the slide Captions.
- Allows you to rotate your images to the position you want without an image editor.
- Allows you to change the settings either for the whole slide show or for individual slides.
- Allows you to synchronize slides with music.
- Allows you to allocate slides in your own transition points on the timeline of the background playlist using the Timeline Editor (only in Gold version).


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