Desktop-3D Notes will keep your desk clean and clutter free while still allowing you the luxury of having sticky notes. Any color is available for any Desktop-3D Note. Never have to worry about finding a pen and a paper or a sticky note, Desktop-3D Notes have an unlimited supply and is so very easy to use and quick to open. Desktop-3D Notes are so realistic looking you would probably try to take them off your monitor only to find out that they exist within the monitor. Desktop-3D Notes are very beautiful, professional, clean and easy to use.

Key Benefits
- Very realistic graphics.
- Send Notes across the internet.
- Print your notes.
- Notes popup and flash when the alarm sounds.
- Import and Export Notes.
- Resize each Desktop-3D Note as you need.
- Organize and sort all your Desktop-3D Notes.
- Place them anywhere on your desktop or even hide them.
- Add pictures or almost anything to your Notes.
- Mouse wheel support.
- OLE Support.
- You can add your initials to each Note.
- Add as many Desktop-3D Notes as you need.
- Systray Icon for Easy access to new Desktop-3D Notes.
- Change each Desktop-3D note to any color at anytime.
- Automatic updates.


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