Join the video ringtone revolution! Audio ringtones are yesterdays news  modern cell phones allow moving pictures combined with audio to be used as ringtones. 3GP Movie Studio" is the perfect tool for getting creative and making your very own video ringtone. The program allows you to create your own 3GP compatible video ringtones and transfer them to your cellular phone using WAP download, Bluetooth, infrared or cable connections.

Video and audio clips are added per drag and drop from the integrated media file browser. Up to six tracks of audio can be mixed. Transitions between video clips are created by overlapping clips and a large number of amazing transitions are available. You can also import your favourite tracks from music CDs or record audio tracks using the soundcard on your computer.

Editing your ringtones is a breeze with 3GP Movie Studio. You can easily crop clips, adjust the volume and even apply amazing studio effects like echo, reverb or equalizing. The possibilities are endless!


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