Acoustica is a powerful and versatile audio editor. All you need to digitize analog recordings using the software is a connection from the sound source (such as a record player, tape deck or microphone) to the sound card. Acoustica handles the rest. That way you can preserve your old tapes and LP records way into the digital age.

A multitude of high quality processing tools and effects are integrated in Acoustica. Acoustica automatically splits audio tracks and removes clicks and static noise with its advanced, yet easy to use audio restoration tools.

You can save and load your recordings in all common audio file formats, including wav, wma, ogg or mp3. You can also burn CDs using the integrated burner without leaving the program.

Before you install Acoustica, please make sure your computer fulfills the following requirements:
- A Pentium or compatible processor with a clock rate of 350 MHz or higher
- Minimum 64 MB RAM
- A Windows compatible sound cards.


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