ingilizce diyalog örneği - Doktor Ofisinde Ingilizce Diyalog - hasta doktor diyaloğuConversation With A Doctor

Patient visits a doctor for checkup of some troubling symptoms.

Patient: Good Morning Doctor.

Doctor: Good Morning. Please have a seat. How are you doing?

Patient: Not really well, Doctor.

Doctor: What is the problem?

Patient: Doctor, I am having a very bad cough from the last few days and it is making me feel sick.

Doctor: Do you have any fever?

Patient: No. I don’t have fever but there is a lot of restlessness.

Doctor: Are you having any other issues or problems?

Patient: I am having severe headache and pain in my throat. There are symptoms of diarrhea as well.

Doctor: Ok. Is it dry cough? Or are you passing phlegm while coughing?

Patient: It is most of the time dry cough but sometimes I do pass phlegm.

Doctor: What is the color of the phlegm?

Patient: Yellow.

Doctor: Do you have body ache?

Patient: No Doctor.

Doctor: Are you a smoker or non-smoker?

Patient: I do smoke.

Doctor: How much?

Patient: About half a packet.

Doctor: I must say it is too much. When did you have your last physical examination?

Patient: It was about three years back.

Doctor: Was it due to some problem or general health checkup?

Patient: It was a general health checkup.

Doctor: Were there any problems detected during that examination?

Patient: No, Doctor.

Doctor: Are there any tests that you had taken recently?

Patient: Yes, I got my blood culture, sugar level, and cholesterol level checked.

Doctor: Do you have the reports with you right now?

Patient: Yes Doctor. Here are the reports.

(Doctor looks at the reports.)

Doctor: The reports seem to be normal. Does your head and nose feel stuffy and blocked?

Patient: Yes, Doctor.

Doctor: Do you have any allergies pertaining to any food product or anything else?

Patient: No, not anything I am aware of.

Doctor: Let’s take your temperature and see how it is.

Patient: Fine.

(Doctor takes the temperature.)

Doctor: The temperature is normal. Do you have any breathing difficulties?

Patient: No Doctor.

Doctor: There is a flu that is quite widespread these days but since you do not have any fever or breathing difficulties, it seems alright.

Patient: You are talking about swine flu, isn’t it! Even I was worried about this probability but now that you have checked, I am feeling very relieved.

Doctor: Let’s do a close examination of your throat. Open your mouth and stick your tongue out.

Patient: Ok

(Doctor examines the throat.)

Doctor: Turn around and we will see how blocked your chest is.

(Doctor checks with his stethoscope.)

Doctor: I am writing a prescription with a cough syrup that will sooth your cough and throat. And I have also written some pills that you must take twice a day to relieve you of your chest blockage. Keep monitoring your temperature. In case, you have high fever or any breathing difficulty, immediately call me.

Patient: Do you doubt this problem to be a symptom of flu?

Doctor: As of now, there is no indication that it is swine flu. I just want you to keep tab on your health so that we do not miss out if some symptom appears. It is just a precautionary warning. You don’t have to panic.

Patient: Ok.

Doctor: Do you have any kids?

Patient: Yes, Doctor. I have a son.

Doctor: How old is he?

Patient: He is two years old.

Doctor: Maintain a healthy distance from your child as much as possible. Use handkerchief or face mask when you are coughing or sneezing. Dispose the tissue properly after using it for your cold or sneezing. And wash your hands thoroughly with an antibacterial soap before holding your child. You should take these precautions so that your child remains protected.

Patient: Fine, Doctor. I will take care. Will using a sanitizer help?

Doctor: Yes it will. Make sure it is alcohol based.

Patient: I have one more question.

Doctor: Yes, please go ahead.

Patient: Do face masks really protect? I mean the normal surgical masks.

Doctor: Well, if we are talking about just common cold then they do protect. But for specific flu like swine flu, you need added protection. N95 masks are the most suitable ones under such circumstances. If mask is not available, use a three layered handkerchief and wash it thoroughly after use. As soon as the mask or handkerchief gets moist, change it as it may further spread the infection. Also, when you come back after visiting a crowded or infected area, definitely change and wash your mask.

Patient: Should we wear masks in our day-to-day lives?

Doctor: Walking on a road does not call for a mask. It is recommended only when you are visiting very crowded areas or a patient who is suffering from such problems or you are having any symptoms.

Patient: Thanks, Doctor. The information is very useful.

Doctor: No need to mention it. (Smiles)

Patient: Is there any other precaution that I should take?

Doctor: Yes, you must avoid cold water, drinks and ice cream. Take your medicines properly and we will review your situation after three days.

Patient: Thank you Doctor. Have a nice day.

Doctor: You too have a nice day.


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