[COLOR=orangered]NTI CD&DVD-Maker" 7 Titanium Suite - delivers the ultimate in CD and DVD burning. Experience the full potential of your CD and DVD writers through NTI CD&DVD-Maker" 7 Titanium Suite's full featured multimedia tools and back up features.

- Capture video from TV tuner cards, DV camcorders, webcams, and other devices. Easily import video from virtually any video source to your computer. Just connect your device and begin capturing, editing, and creating your own DVD movies!

- Create professional-looking movies and photo slideshows with an authentic cinematic look incorporating pan and zoom. Add motion backgrounds and thumbnails to personalize your menus. Title and label chapters. If you don't have time to customize your own DVD, NTI CD&DVD-Maker" 7 Titanium Suite will automate the process for you!

- Edit your videos with custom transitions, special effects, and animated text. The easy to use storyboard and timeline layout makes it easy and fun to create unique, personalized videos.

- Synchronize your favorite music to your movies and slideshows for an even greater experience!

- Playback DVD movies right on your computer monitor! Supports AVI, MPEG-1, and MPEG-2 files.

- Share your videos and photos on CD and DVD! Perfect for sharing with friends and family!

- Compress your DVD movies to fit on a single-layer disc.

- Encode MP3 and WMA music tracks to create customized playlists and archive your music collection

- Record live audio to CD on the fly - perfect for recording business meetings, school lectures or creating a digital archive of your classic LPs and cassettes. Download Artist and Title information in seconds using freedb. It's that simple!

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