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Gokhan Saki
Date of Birth: (October 8, 1983
Place of Birth: Kars, Turkey), Turkish and Dutch citizens
Kick boxing professional athlete.

Saki Golden Glory Gym team in the Netherlands who are fighting the Netherlands and European Muay Thai champion, 2 times in 2008, the K-1 World GP 2008 Hawaii Champion. In 1993, 10 years old began the sport of Muay Thai Saki. K-1 World Grand held in Tokyo in 2008, was born October 18, 1983 K-1 heavyweight fighter. ASI was nicknamed ... Originally from the Netherlands in Rotterdam, but living in Kars. Single professional dövüşçülük profession. 97 kilos and 1.84 m tall. Ramon Dekker and Mustafa Dede's favorite fighters. Football, traveling and loves to eat. Single ...

Dutch coach Cor Hemmers, manager of the Bos Boon. Jennifer works in the Netherlands Semmy Schilt'ın and K-1 star, including many club sürdüyor Golden Glory.
Kickboxing Championship in the Netherlands was. In 2003, ASA was the European and World Champion. Badr Hari at the age of 18 than with a stand that attracted everyone's taste. Then, even defeated Semmy Schielyt'ı name by defeating a Russian Alexey Ignashov'u has written in letters of gold in Europe and the world arena of combat. In 2007, Japan TKO Amada'yı mağlu with the appreciation of the spectators had gathered the match. WFCA World Champion in 2008, this year, put on his belt around his waist. Gokhan Saki made so far won 66 matches and 57 and lost 9 percent. 42 knockout has no tie to the famous .

Finally, the Polish-born Australian boxer Paul Slowinsky'i Amsetrdam'da match where the first round by knockout scored a historic success. His opponent twice in a round down our Gokhan 2 The reason the fight by knockout in his opponent's ground kalkamaması Sinden was kazamış. Slowinsky champion of the 2007 K-1 Amsterdam ..
July 2007 ... Match in Istanbul with his rival, the Greek fighter Illiadis okuduysa how to challenge the audiences had a great 30 seconds after the start of the match izlemişlerdi knockout. Gokhan Saki out of the country's first professional match, and had defeated the Greek Illiadis'i almost won the match knockout.

On 2 November 2007 in Istanbul's famous fighter Magomed Magomedov, Dagestan's K-1 Networking championship after the first round opponent sürklase saydırdı a few times. Event ends at the end of time after the third round turned into a joke fight. Made by an opponent when the match kicked Saki'nin Jennifer jokingly confused and incorrectly understood the ring was a big fight. Then watched the images and then kick taken by Gökhan jokingly announced that the winner's points and that Gokhan Saki K-1 European Coordinator Igor announced by Sucshko.
2008 K-1 Hawaii Championship
It's Showtime in Amsterdam, Paul Slowinski'yi by knockout in the night by beating the output signals that will make a master fighter out of Hawaii in the championship by winning three matches in one night Grand Prix has signed and put on her golden belt around her waist.
Gokhan Saki opening meeting of the GP would actually injuries to an athlete, but then became involved in the tournament with 8 ... Make three matches in one night in a surprise into the title race before the American Puu Jennifer, then knocked out and the name of the American Cheek'i Rick has written for the final. Randy Kim Republic of Korea was in the final in front of the name. As with the others at his opponents by knockout, and Chris made history by beating ...

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