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Timely enzymes in general industry, clinical, medical and pharmaceutical fields, such as is used.

Enzymes, herbal, and micro-organisms is obtained from animal sources. For example, the papain enzymes that break down plant protein; receipt., Fig plant, starch degrading alpha-amylase, the barley seedling; trypsin, pankreaslarından cattle, chickens and cattle are some of the pepsin digestion lysozyme, egg incursions; rennet or enzyme protease, which is through absorption of milk 4.midesinden calves produced industrial measure.

Microorganisms as a source of enzyme; easy to replicate, for reasons such as easy control of the formation of enzymes thought of as a potential source.

Derived from plants as well as proteases, amylases and glucose-isomerase, such as bacteria, the protease enzymes of industrial importance are obtained. In addition, glucose oxide, catalase, lipase, lactose, and so on. mildew fungus is obtained from many other enzymes.

Today, medicine, pharmacy, agriculture, animal husbandry, environment, food, paper, textiles, detergents and so on. Enzymes are used in many areas. In recent years, developments in the field of biotechnology that most of the food obtained from the use of enzymes and amylases endüstrisidir.proteazlar the most widely used enzymes in this field. The enzymes used in pharmacy.

The best example in this area, to facilitate the digestion of some drugs in the composition of the basic components of the foods you eat with protease breaks down protein, starch degrading cellulose, lactase enzymes that break down lactose, and lipase breaks down fats. Enzymes for use in pharmaceuticals is another example of Amida enzyme penicillin.

One of the areas where the use of enzyme detergent industry over again. Detergents according to the field to use them, changing the composition of complex mixtures.

Some detergents, alkaline conditions, activity, alkaline-prosthesis (basic) contain enzymes, amylase and lipase used in the manufacture of some detergents.

With the effect of these enzymes, especially protein, fat and starch under the influence of the cleaning effect of the pollution. Leather processing and leather industry, the enzymes are used.

Bacterial prostheses, skin texture, some proteases other than the removal of proteins and fats, hairs are made of leather are used to separate and soften the skin.

In addition, the use of a variety of cellulose as a carbon source of waste, poor quality fats in obtaining higher quality oils, enzymes are used.

As a result of its many research, enzymes usage increases gradually.

Especially in recent years in parallel with recombinant-DNA technology, it is possible to obtain new and desired form of the enzyme, hence the increasingly widespread use of enzymes.

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