Skeletal System - Muscular System - Structure of bones

Structures in living beings that allows active movement of the skeletal and muscular systems. Skeletal muscles, combined with a supportive creature's movement creates a system of moving provider.

I.İskelet System
Giving shape to human, organs, skeletal structure, called a buttress and protect that. Building units of the skeleton bones. The human body consists of 210 bones. Bones, blood cells, the production, storage of some minerals, the body shall carry out the upright shape gain.

Departments of the human skeleton
1. Skeleton Head
Play between the bones and joints are very tight tutunmuşlardır. Protects the bones of the head in the brain and cerebellum.
2. Body Skeleton
Consists of the spine and chest cage.
Spine: irregularly shaped bones called vertebrae occurs. There are nerves in the spinal cord strip. This is where the nerve channel called the spinal canal. All the bones of the spine, directly or indirectly connected to the skeletal structure.
Thoracic Cage: back vertebrae, ribs and chest bone occurs. Moving properties makes it easy to run some internal organs. The lungs and heart are preserved here.
3. Members (arms and legs)
Bone bridges are connected to the body with the arms and legs. This bridges the joints between them have full play.
Shoulder Strap: consists of blade and collarbone. Arm bones of the spine connects.
Hip Belt: consists of the hip bone and thigh bone. Connects the leg bones of the body.

B. Structure and Types of bones

1. Short Bones

Cubic structure with short lengths of bones. The vertebrae, hand and finger bones of the foot wrist ... fall under this group.

2. Flat Bones

Minimum thickness, plate-shaped bones. Ribs, shoulder hip, facial and skull bones ... fall under this group.

3. Long Bones

Lengths long cylindrical bones. Bones in the arms and legs. (Femur, tibia, biceps, forearm bones, such as ...).

4. The bones are irregularly shaped

Long or short bones that do not have a specific shape. Vertebrae bones that make up the spine into this group.

Structure of bones

· Bone membrane (periosteum): transverse growth of bone, nutrition, refraction, and provides çatlamalarda repaired.
· Cartilage Tissue: The joint areas, prevents wear of the bone during movement.
· Cancellous Bone: In the red marrow contains. Red bone marrow produces blood cells.
· Yellow marrow: fat stores and blood cells (white blood cells) produces.
· Hard (tight) Bone: 2 / 3 of minerals (calcium, phosphorus), 1 / 3 occurs in the cells. Gives hardness and resistance to the bone.
· Red Marrow: produces red blood cells.
C. Joints

Structures that connect the bones of the joint is called. Are 3 types according to the ability to move joints.
1.Oynar (moving) joints: shoulder joint, hip joint.
Plays 2.Yarı joints: the joints between the vertebrae.
3.Oynamaz joints: the head, the hip joints.

II.Kas System

The movement of the body, some organs are called to work that muscle structures. Muscles contract and - which is made up of cells capable of relaxation.
Thread-like structures composed of muscle cells, the combination of muscle fiber (fiber) is called. Structures in the muscle bundle of wires is called the merger in November.

Skeletal muscles (red muscles)
Work on the skeleton. Provides the management brain. Our desire to work with. Stronger contractions. Fast contracts, quickly fatigued. Skeletal muscle plays a part, and parts of the hinge joint allows the bones to move. The structure of the oxygen storage proteins (myoglobinler) are located in color to red. Because it is composed of cluster of a large number of muscle called striated muscle. (Head, neck, arms, legs, fingers, eyelids, chest muscles ...)

Smooth Muscles (White Muscles)
Internal organlarımızdaki muscles. Our desire to operate out of. Work is slow. Contractions of the impotent. (Stomach, intestine, urinary bladder, the walls of blood vessels, muscles in the esophagus ...) Long-term contract and, through his work yorulmazlar.

Heart Muscle

Kasdır red. But our desire to work outside. The spinal cord controls the operation of the onion. Powerful, fast, and works as a rhythmic. Long-term contract and, through his work yorulmazlar.

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