That's better than my weekend for sure :D

I wiSh I had reLatives here to viSit :79: I onLy have my unCLe and that's it :6:

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NarCicegi Tarih: 11.07.2009 14:45
:72: Nice to meet you
Han Tarih: 11.07.2009 14:26
Ehuehue :72:

It's very similar that I know...

Moshi moshi! konnichiwa! watashi wa Hakan desu!
NarCicegi Tarih: 10.07.2009 07:23
Welcome.. You will learn
Keste Tarih: 10.07.2009 07:08
Hello, im english poor, hatta no english :72:
NarCicegi Tarih: 09.07.2009 23:30
:72: Konichiwa Watashii no Namea wa Elif desu 18 sie desu

Thats all i know
Han Tarih: 09.07.2009 17:09
yeah me too. my japanese is better :72:
NarCicegi Tarih: 08.07.2009 12:31
haha.. I didn't learn English at all... No speak English
Han Tarih: 08.07.2009 10:53
I've learned English on the street but don't ask me how :72:
anie Tarih: 06.07.2009 01:35
[Reply] Hi.. Nice to meet you.. I moved to Australia about 7 and a half years ago.. Thats how I learned English basicly. Are you studying in Canada?

You take care too.. [Reply]

Yep I a student in canada. I moved 6 months ago in canada . i go to high school. how about you guys ? Do You Go To School or Where Did You Learn English?

See Ya Guys