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Osmia rufa (Osmia bicornis, the former name Osmia rufa), the red mason bee (Flemish rosse metselbij), mason bees, a bee is a type often seen in Belgium and the Netherlands.


10 mm Red mason bees and mason bees, or a little more body length and are often specific to the shape of a large broad-backed body with a small sub-segment decoder bombuslarla has caused confusion. Frequent and long hair, red-brown in color, but does not live up to their close relatives and elders arılarinki horned mason color dimmed. Unlike Karıncıkda slightly hairy horned mason bees. The females, such as mason bees MANKIND forward the same two-horned horns, black face, hairy chest and has a reddish-yellow. In men, both sexes have long antennae and white facial hair. All females productive.


This species in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East also encountered. Living area extends from England to Iran. As with other mason bees live alone and do not form colonies. Lays eggs in cavities in wood, enough for larvae from each egg in a food (pollen) is depocuğu. After allowing the egg, the egg by the female around the 'wall' and a knitted next egg is dropped. Before closing with the slots filled, and mud into the female bee pollen fills enough. Young bees are left, but the next year, they fly the nest after feeding.

Females born before each knows the sex of bees will nest behind the nest and the female offspring, male offspring will place the front part of the nest.

This type of bees, honey and wax, as well as other bees do not make the whole colony is devoid of feature. Unlike honey bees and Varroa böcekciklerine Acarina have immunity against. However, there are enemies of their own noise.

These types of stocks of honey bees, which will safeguard not only pressed on them, or put them compressed on. For this reason, pollinating gardens will be kept, including against children, the most secure animals.

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