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Disappointment to me a thousand times by thanking everyone preserves .Sizler specify how my experience with them so Was I so easy to derive lessons to learn I'd understand how people can use me for their own interests? And the day came for me to own interests in a lump wipe out ... My brother, my friend, we spent years to my daddy said, we share our everything in between for the people themselves, I'd understand how distances.

myself thinking of that one fight in my power in my world is limited to the emotional thing, but my mind so much undeserved them inside the walls of the multiplier factor . gave them value, and they gave me and my feelings value compared with that of the rifts between them begins to fight relentlessly. crying in the depths of . places do not deserve.

Then, in an abstract realm by weaving the walls around me for a while . emotions that I could not accept closer .Ve advisedly think it makes no sense to me then I do not bring more to the injustices and discarded piles Go unemployment increasingly disappointment on me slowly. endurance strength .more it makes no sense to force the value they gave me did not show by throwing piles? how much they depended on me, how much they love me, all the beautiful things there, threw a dark pit blind eye to cage they did not do?

Unclosed parentheses, not anymore. But nevertheless there is something I wonder. Took place in their hearts do not feel great sorrow from fine to leave things behind? They gave me so much petrified Search yürekleri.Genede I thank you for the frustrations.

Without legs Merve

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