What's Love

First, Love is a thing
Which seems easy
Your mind is definitely shiny

Then, Love is a thing
Which makes your days shitty
Your mind is definitely dreary

Love is a game
You play to lose
The world made it this way
You don't have to choose

Love is a dancer
It twists anytime
You can't find the answer
It's not written on any line

Love is a fooler
It fools you all the way
You think you're the winner
But your tears are waiting to exhale

Love is a gambler
Who always wins
In the end you feel terrible
Like you're living in sins

Love is my enemy
Love is in me
But it's also my friend, my company
And will always be...
love =you
ı love you baby

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Bitanesinin_Bebegi Tarih: 18.08.2004 00:31
love is good...