I was thinking that I wouldnt love somebody,
But yesterday showed that love come quickly
As a thunderbolt in our hearts.
There isnt any choice for it
To escape or to reach it&

It falls in your heart,
And tastes like water in a desert.
Every time you want to see her smile,
To feel like being in a shore&

Each time that you touch her,
You become excited as like walking on the moon.
You want to get loved very soon
To do not lose the infinite love.

Every morning you feel a fear,
About losing the hotness of her.
Because there wouldnt be any meaning
In your life without her.

Each second away from that love,
Causes you to feel like in a hell,
Which makes you to feel coldness of a pole
And which causes sadness in your soul.

Whatever happens youd know that
When you are away from your life-mate,
It would cause lots of pain in your heart
As falling to the ground from the Everest.

And youd know that,
Life is nothing being in love and being loved,
It is the most powerful feeling in your destiny,
Which makes you sometimes crazy
And sometimes causes to see the world as in pink color.

I do not want to lose this love,
Unless you leave me
Or unless you kill me by your words
Because I love you&
I love you forever&


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