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Panda, branch of chordates, mammals and carnivores team class is an animal.

Panda babies are very small. Are the average birth weight of 100 grams. No other mammal in the animal world is not such a small puppy yetişkininden - except kangaroos. Need for a new-born pandas breastfeeding every two hours. Mothers often leave their young to feeding them, will continue to carry them on its front legs. Fry gently in the mouth moves when you move. When the three-month cubs begin to walk.

Panda cub at the age of 1.5 to 50 kg. and teeth strong and hard to reach the weight of the bamboo will have yiyebilecek. Now it is time for him to leave his mother's side.

Most adult pandas prefer to live alone. Indeed, many will not find the time to come together, because the animals move this slow day, spend 14 hours eating bamboo. 1000 In the wild, pandas in zoos is thought to belong to the 100. Now most of the endangered pandas in southwest China where bamboo forests dense foggy, rainy prefer to live in the foothills.

Pandas eat bamboo shoots and leaves almost nothing else. Sometimes I feed off fish and other small animals, but the bamboo, pandas' menu generates around 99%. Pandas lot of places, fast food places and carve out time of 12 days. The reason for this is: eats only one fifth of the digest. In addition, the bamboo is not very nutritious. Bamboo shoots and leaves are not only valuable portions of the adult pandas therefore concerned only with these sections. Within 12 hours in order to stay healthy, this should eat up to 15% of their weight, so he places fast. Very broad and flat molars to pandas. The shape of the teeth with bamboo shoots, roots and leaves split. Pre-bones are very strong ankles. For crushing their food properly before you hold firmly plant the front feet.

Sometimes when the pandas pandas died of natural causes in the area in which all the bamboos are dying of hunger, because bamboo grows and develops can not find other areas. Chinese government officials and scientists, pandas, and the idea continues to produce work for the continuation of life.

Pandas little shy creatures, many areas that people do not want to enter. This also restricts their habitat quite. Unfortunately, people in higher places in the mountains as we continue to settle in the pandas' habitat continues to shrink.

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