To My Delicate Rose, with Love..

The soil makes the bud come up
The earth causes seeds to grow
My rose stands in its border
Hold its head high
Towards the rest of the flowers
For they know, it will tend them with love&

The thorns are deeply set in my rose,
With pains thrusted in its petals to flow
Wilting deep, too deep to its root to grow&

So I tell my rose,
Leave it there where it lies, and forgo
But dont leave me with good byes ever more
Flowers will be lost to crashes and rows
Their anger is strong
though not successful to glow&

Your petals need to be smelt my rose
The fragrant aroma, calling you to stay and glow
Not allowing the wind
Which sometimes blew fiercely
Get your sweet smelling aroma
For the beauty within you
Has always been expressed
No matter what the rest try to forswear in you&

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