HeyThe One who once knew Love& Wake up! ! !

You feel youre looking bad in that fancy dress
Since your angel isnt there youre full of mess
Trying to keep up but it seems hard
None of your days make any sense

Was it better with him or are you happier now?
Could he make any differences in your life?
He tried so hard to hold you tight
But you let him go&

Think about him for a minute
You know hes not alone but hes not complete
The man you once knew is now lonely
In another part of the world still loving you endlessly

This young heart is getting older
Still didnt learn to love another
Floating without company in a lake of tears
Would you help him to wash away his fears?

The suffering he gets seems now like a game
Only the One could save him from this pain
But since that One is caught up in the chains of life
The entire Universe and a small cage seem the same

(Pittsburgh, Aralık 1997)

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FaToSh Tarih: 03.10.2004 11:38
[COLOR=orangered]it'z good! thnxz!
simon Tarih: 02.10.2004 21:16
very very beatifull
burhan Tarih: 02.10.2004 21:10
very very good
~simurg~ Tarih: 02.10.2004 12:04
it's perfect.
Köse Tarih: 02.10.2004 00:15
anlaya bilsem yorum yapabilirdim ama yinede eline saglik