i would like to know your honest opinoins on the board.

well my opinion was until a few weeks ago, super, the best, the only one worth looking out

so whats your opinion

im waiting...

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SÜPERMANYAK Tarih: 06.08.2008 15:29
elma kurdu Tarih: 13.07.2008 14:51
This is the best board I have ever seen :3:
unique Tarih: 07.09.2006 13:30
but downloading games and albums shouln't be the only reason why people chose main-board....
:18: :18:i1m not willing to understand that ...
MuHaMMeD_VaDiSi Tarih: 27.05.2006 17:28
Well it's upto them if they wanna visit this section or not. They already have all the contacts they need on MSN or YAHOO Messenger's to chat to, why visit this section apart from the translator, dictionary, thesaurus programs? It's not like you and me came to this section at least one day a week, you can't just say you are dissapointed if you have never been in this section as well, maybe a few times whatever.

There could be improvements in attracting more active members, but we'll have to leave that upto the admin and his close colleagues.

There is not much of a reason in visiting this section for most of members, becaus eit has no use for them, we must understand that, as i said before...
head Tarih: 26.05.2006 09:02
thats a dissappointmen dont you think?

there should be a way in which members can be more active and productive (in the sene that they are more vaulable to the board)
MuHaMMeD_VaDiSi Tarih: 26.05.2006 08:04
Well there would be a lot of people who know english, but all they do is download albums
head Tarih: 26.05.2006 07:00
whats this... is there only three ppl who really love the board an know english, thats a shocker :20: what a disappointment i thought there would we a least 20 ppl who new english. c'on pplz show yourselves
MuHaMMeD_VaDiSi Tarih: 19.05.2006 15:58

I agree with you 100%
unique Tarih: 19.05.2006 15:17
my opinion is also that it´s a nice board. it´s not only for the one who live in turkey an also not only for the foreigners like i am in germany. i think it´s great beeing able to share a lot of things with people with the same interests... MAIN-BOARD is a good place where turkish people from all over the world get to know each other and share dokuments....