At the beginning of this year, and a Mozaik Esentepe Shopping Center was reported to provide employment to 600 people.

Mozaik AVM Operations Manager Ertan Yılmaztekin, occupancy rates reached 92'ye percent announced. Yılmaztekin, in his written statement, Mozaik from AVM, social and cultural life of the city in a short time as part of an indispensable, Sanliurfa says will establish a special bond of hearts.

Shopping and Entertainment Center in the mosaic structure, the leader in the striking of each other outstanding brands are the Yılmaztekin, provide employment opportunities to more than 600 people have said.

Yılmaztekin, Mozaik from AVM is introduced as follows:

"Total of five times A.V.M. Mozaik areas of the city with the largest sales market, as well as Tansaş; Teknosa, Tekin Acar, Tefal, Koton, Roman ,Colin’s, Sabri Özel, Lee, Wrangler, Kemal Tanca, inci, Wenice Kids, Özdilek, Avva, Relax Mode, G.Lingerie, Gözgrup, Altınyıldız, Fabrika, Mol, Bücürük, Little Big, Kütahya Porselen, Özdilek , Bitkisell ve Tay Oyuncak ile hizmette Etilen Kuru Temizleme ve iletişimde Turkcell, Avea, Vodafhas a rich mozaik brands.

Mozaik Shopping Center Burger King, Özsüt, Sultanahmet Köfteci, the TATLICI Tombak, Passport Pizza, Kebaburger, Cafe Life, Cefe Sütlü, Daily Fresh, cook şeker, choc n'ice, Gündöner and Turkey Kumpirim of world cuisine options offers Sanliurfa .

Children in the Southeast's largest top floor Mozaik from AVM Playland amusement center, consisting of five rooms and the Bowling Hall of Beyoglu Cinema is located.

The leading sector of about 50 brands, baby room, medical room and the small mosque where Mozaik Shopping and Entertainment Center, 4 storeys and 400 three solid closed and one open car parking available. In addition, approximately 1000 persons belonging to Sanliurfa Municipality multi-purpose Conference, Theater, Weddings and Cocktail Salon and Exhibition Hall is located within the Mosaic AVM.

Mozaik AVM; 92% occupancy rate in the total rentable area. Within the period taken into consideration the current global crisis, the occupancy rate reached a new AVM is described as a great success.

Appropriate to investigate the expectations of the consumer trends we do business our way and we're adding to our constitution.

Many brands for the first time in AVM Mozaik come in Sanliurfa. MOL store in the month of May drop, as a first in Sanliurfa for men and women has created a great alternative to shopping. Mol store discounts and artists at the opening concert of action with an intense interest was too.

Mozaik AVM 'special days by converting to an event, the city would meet people with various organizations and entertainment.

Until now, we do research is very important for children from AVM Mozaik saw. In this context, progress in the stage centered on children performed public events lines. Continuity is to have some campaigns and "Birthday Cake Mozaik AVM your 'gift of" this title with the year of our campaign to host the birthday boy did. The activities carried out in the conference hall to many famous Mozaik AVM 'We have also welcomed.

Actual cultural events such as concerts and theater are invited to share art with Sanliurfa. Days of the signature artists meet people, as well as free courses are meeting our clients through art.

Until this day, especially Levent Kırca, Soner Arıca, Nazan Şoray, Abdullah Şahin, Action, Gülay, Aysu Bacaoğlu, M. Ali Alabora, Onur Akin many artists, such as theater shows, signing day, concerts, and visits made.

This father's day, as well as the occasion, with the father-Turkey Chess Federation chess tournament for children will attend are held.

Moreover, competition and fun of each other, listening to music is performed. Mozaik AVM in such events that occur in customer satisfaction plays an active role.

Belongs to 7000 years before Christ in the city of Sanliurfa mosaic of Edessa, the world's oldest history of mosaic is known as the ores. History, and art yaşanmışlık as the most valuable evidence of local and national media attention, our cities, has been a lot of people from the community.

Mozaik Shopping and Entertainment Center, just like this mosaic has been a meeting point. Met with many brand in a national sense Sanliurfa is to appeal to people from all walks Mozaik AVM aims. Our goal is to meet the needs of the people all, peace and confidence in, offering to do shopping in a clean environment. At the same time comfortable and to make purchases. The changing demands of consumers as Mozaik AVM and marketing activities to meet the expectations set are doing and planning.

Keeping in mind the market conditions, not long-term marketing plan, short-term can be rearranged more easily be reviewed by the marketing budgets and plans more active inter act. Top opinions and ideas and reviews, events and presentations are collected under a title.

We set out the target keywords mosaic, positive transformation in both the public and our team look to win.

Were spent ...

Mozaik shopping center; Sanliurfa Abuzer Taşçı of business men, and Bekir Sındıraç Mehmet Taşçı Park Construction and Management Inc. by the Municipality of Sanliurfa "build-operate-transfer" model Weddings - Exhibition - Conference Room Superior construction, was built. .

Mozaik ‘s first and only shopping center that Şanlıurfa AVM From the date of 17 January 2009 was opened to service. 20 Million Dollar investment cost in excess of the largest investment in recent years of Sanliurfa, one of the Mozaik shopping and entertainment center, 35,000 m2. closed area, 15,000 m2. hirable area and has 400 car parking area.

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